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Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 11-9-17

Going to church is still not a risky business

Blame your pets

Dear EarthTalk: Is it really true that our dogs and cats are major contributors to climate change, and if so what can we do about it?

Carmen Santiago

Newark, N.J.


21st century water mapping in the pipeline

The village of Millerton is well on its way to having a completed map of its water system. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is.

That’s because once the entire water district is documented, the water operator and working supervisor can more easily pinpoint trouble spots: leaks, breaks, ruptures, etc.

Sinking ship

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 11-2-17

Community deserves Pearson

Eastern Dutchess has a stable economy and strong assets, but we must address our challenges to translate these strengths into continued prosperity. This means collaborating with county government to thoughtfully mitigate resident concerns; and it means electing representatives who actively engage citizens and advocate for our priorities. In Dutchess County’s 25th District, including the Towns of Washington, Amenia and Pleasant Valley, this means electing Jimmy Pearson as County Legislator.

Is the TSA problem solved yet?

The value of voting

Let’s keep this short and sweet. It’s the beginning of November. Elections are only days away.

It’s our duty as American citizens to get to the polls and elect those we believe are best suited to govern. Whether we are electing local leaders or the next president, the responsibility is ours to bear. 

Running for office in an oft-times thankless world isn’t easy. Those who do should be lauded, but more importantly, they should be given the respect of our vote. 

Climate geoengineering

Dear EarthTalk: What is so-called green patent sharing and how does it work?

Bill Gilmore

Albuquerque, N.M.


The idea behind so-called green patent sharing is that researchers, inventors and companies can share the rights to make, use or incorporate certain patented technologies that benefit the environment, theoretically expediting the development of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, recycling, water conservation and other advances for the common good.

Sheffield Road in Amenia — and milk

Sheffield Road in Amenia is only about four-tenths of a mile long as it enters off of Route 343 (on the way toward Sharon, Conn.) across from Mygatt Road and up to Prospect Street and the top of Depot Hill, but its milk history is interesting, especially as much of an original farm building is still there. 

Cakes for Gays