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Lockheed’s Skunk Works at it again

Most Americans may not know what the Skunk Works are. A division of Lockheed set up after World War II, headed by the genius Kelly Johnson, the Skunk Works was named after the comic strip, “Li’l Abner,” in which there was a running joke about a mysterious and malodorous place deep in the forest called the “Skonk Works.”

‘Go back’ to your country

Although I’ve lived in this great country of the United States of America for 40 years as a legal and law-abiding citizen and have no fear of being deported, the latest tweet by President Donald Trump, “Go back” to your country, brought chills down my spine.

Send her back

Old men

NECC bus offers lifeline

NECC to the rescue! Once again, the North East Community Center has stepped up to the plate in the name of Millerton and its residents. This time, it’s to help fill the void left in the wake of Millerton Fresh Market’s hasty departure.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 7-25-19

A kinder, gentler yet entirely truthful ‘Mueller Report’

I believe that the highly damning “Mueller Report” is the most important document of our generation. It comes, however, with a problem. At 448 pages of dense, heavily footnoted, and sometimes redacted prose laced with legal analysis that most of us are not trained to understand, the report presents a heavyweight challenge to those who wish to read it. Hence, I would wager that many in Congress have not made their way through it, despite their sworn duty to do so.

Our American flag, presented to patriots and those who have fallen

It’s a late winter burial of iconic Naval Chief Bill Morrison, being buried beside his predeceased wife at Irondale Cemetery. He is to be accorded full military honors. The chief served his country for 20 years — much of it involving intense combat in South East Asia seas during WWII. 

Terni’s: One in a million, 100 years on

Sometimes, some communities have mainstays. Sometimes, they have landmarks. And sometimes, they have institutions. Terni’s in Millerton is one such institution, synonymous with the name of the village itself.

An anchor store along Main Street, Terni’s is celebrating its 100th year in business this week. It’s quite an accomplishment considering the evolution Millerton has experienced in the last century. 

The value of a little forest?

Some reading this will remember when Berlin was a divided city. The western sector, part of free Germany, was surrounded by the GDR or communist Germany controlled as part of the USSR. The industry around West Berlin burned coal, oil and, generally, polluted the air and water. West Berliners were trapped. Their main park, the Tiergarten, had the Berlin Wall running partway through it and what was left had Hitler’s bunker and other World War II constructions ruining its pastoral splendor.