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Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 3-2-17

Too much gun culture

It is appalling that the Long Rifles Club encourages malleable teenage minds to think that owning/using a gun is a sport or even necessary. Gone are the days of hunting/providing food. It is first a deadly weapon! No amount of safety training insures against impulsive behavior, anger or just accessibility.

Not-so-hidden worries in Defense

The last administration was told by Congress to slash the budget. There was the sequester and the shutdown in 2013 made to tie the then-administration’s hands. And these budget cuts are still looming, always. Back in 2012, the word went out to several agencies to find ways to cut budgets to maintain essential services.

Thinking outside the box in search of peace

Finding ways to peacefully resolve conflict is the mark of an evolved society. With the political climate such as it is, that can sometimes be difficult to remember. Certainly a glance at our nation’s leaders does little to set the example.

But there must be, today more than ever, a way for human beings to relate to one another honestly and express themselves appropriately. Forget the divisive rhetoric. Forget the name calling. Forget the hate speech. Forget the nonsense, for one, spewing from the president and all the president’s men on a daily basis.

Putin, Trump

Greener light bulbs

Dear EarthTalk: What’s new in eco-friendly light bulbs? Is it true that incandescent bulbs are back in a much more efficient form?

Barbara Birke

via email


The consumer landscape for light bulbs in the U.S. changed drastically in 2007, when Congress passed the Energy Independence & Security Act mandating, among other things, that household light bulbs in the 40–100 watt range needed to up their energy efficiency standards by at least 25 percent. 

New inventions?

People have this idea that nature has nothing more to teach us. We’ll circle around to the nay-sayers on the subjects of the environment and depletion of habitat later on, but for a moment, let’s make an assumption: we know all about nature. And, of course, anyone reading this paper will know that is nonsense. 

What may surprise some of you is that the most technologically advanced in America happen to agree — nature still holds more secrets than we have so far uncovered.

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 2-23-17

Breakfast was served ... and served

On Sunday, Feb. 19, the Amenia Fire Company held its monthly pancake breakfast. We were pleased to have a crowd of 175 people in attendance to enjoy a hearty meal. 

We rely on the breakfast to raise much-needed money for general operations, and we always appreciate the support of the community. 

We thank everyone who attends our meals throughout the year, and we hope to see you again at our next one on Sunday, March 19.

Andy Murphy

Community effort nourishes the soul

This Saturday, Feb. 25, will mark the end of an era. The Grand Union supermarket, technically a GU Market, will shut its doors for the last time.

There have been plenty of critics of the Grand Union during its time. The store was at times called shabby, but it nonetheless served a very important purpose — feeding village residents — many of whom couldn’t drive elsewhere for their groceries.

Bourbon Latte

What’s to be proud of at the White House?

Visualize a roulette wheel. It has 36 numbers, alternating odd and even, black and red. 

Spin the wheel. Now introduce a marble propelled along the edge of the bowl that houses the wheel, but in the opposite direction of the spin. 

Slowly, the ball will lose momentum and drift downward in its orbit until it collides with the wheel spinning contrarily. The marble jumps and wanders randomly until it finally settles on one number as the wheel drags to a halt. That then becomes the issue of the day, or hour.