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Remarkable Recovery

Yes, folks, there are vegan cosmetics

Dear EarthTalk: Do you have any recommendations for vegan health and beauty products?

Janice T.

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Caucuses highlight the best of democracy

Public participation is a critical component of the democratic process. It’s how people choose their representatives, how they express their opinions on policies and laws and how they express displeasure if things go awry. It’s the philosophy on which our nation was founded 240 years ago, and continues to be the rule of the land today.

The Great Wall may have nothing on Trump’s

Ancient China built a great wall. It is vast, and there are those who believe it to be observable from space. I have walked upon it myself. It is remarkable. Trump, in a technologically more advanced time, wants to build a wall which might rival China’s.

But it is not his wall that concerns me. I worry about the wall developing in our government. In the past decade, we have seen the Republicans stonewall everything that the once dominant Democrats tried to enable. And now we see the Democrats stonewalling everything the now dominant Republicans strive for.

Now, it’s ‘No Muslims Need Apply’

The first Irish immigrants who sought refuge in the United States during the 1850s potato famine were the poorest of the poor, a despised minority capable of little more than unskilled labor.

Longing for some sense from chaos

The land of the free and the home of the brave. I have wanted to support our new president. But I have two huge issues.

Mexico: When I was a child, at an age of perhaps eight, my father took us in our Studebaker station wagon to Tijuana, Mexico. He had bought some bags of candy. He wanted to show us, his children, how much different our lives were as Americans from those of other parts of the world.

Global Warming

What to expect in the next generation of batteries

Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard that one of the big hurdles to growth in renewables is energy storage. What’s new in the world of battery technologies? And will better forms of storage really accelerate the development of solar, wind and other alternative forms of energy?

Maxwell Jay

Erie, Penn.


Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 2-2-17

Happy New Year from Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Thank you for your generous support through 2016. We ask for your contributions to help us continue our efforts in 2017 — providing weekly food deliveries to families in need, helping local college students pay for essentials like books, and making sure students have the supplies required to attend our local schools.

Our programs serve the changing needs of neighbors and families in Ancram, Ancramdale and Boston Corner, as well as the needs of the schools our children attend. 

Sticky Millbrook issue

Politics can be tricky — so can running a town or village with the public’s approval. The village of Millbrook is experiencing some headaches trying to do so right now, as it goes through the growing pains of a new administration.

Mayor Rodney Brown — the former trustee-cum-treasurer-cum-mayor — has been brought to task for a couple of reasons. 

For one, the board hired Village Clerk Sarah Witt as the village treasurer. For two, it’s running meetings differently, making the community jump through hoops to participate.