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The (new) race to the moon

A non-funded mandate to go to the moon undertaken with a flourish of a worthless pen notwithstanding, the actual science and governmental programs already underway around the world are likely to see moon landings within the year. What? You didn’t know? Of course not, because the news you get is filtered down to marketing platforms meant not to fill your head, leaving room for medical remedies you must desperately want to pester your doctor about.

Healthy waterways make for healthy citizens

The health of our waterways is vital to this region, which has the Ten Mile River watershed running through it. Thankfully, last month, the Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) announced that the Ten Mile River Collaborative received a $64,000 Long Island Sound Futures Fund Grant to develop a watershed management plan.


What’s going on in the real world these days

In these times, it has become clear we need to look out for each other. Charity is up (thankfully), food programs are expanding, neighbors are helping neighbors. In our household, at least six working days a month are devoted to just helping neighbors. Me? Other than time, one thing I can do is share information — information the mainstream, advertising-managed media may not be giving you.

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 12-14-17

Support for school appreciated

Thanks to everyone who supported the Crafts for Kenya sale at the Irondale Schoolhouse. Over $5,600 was raised to start an agriculture class and bicycle transportation program at two rural schools in the Busia district of Kenya.

Our gratitude to the Schoolhouse’s Board of Directors, especially Ralph Fedele, for allowing us to use this historic building.

Valid questions about concealed weapons crossing state lines

Gun safety is a real concern in this nation, where mass shootings happen with appalling regularity and gun violence erupts in big cities — and in small-town America — every day.

Most would agree that something needs to be done to curb the violence. But what? Certainly the Republican bill to allow concealed weapons to be carried across state lines isn’t helping the situation.

Net neutrality: There are very good reasons to retain it

With all the news about sexual abuse, weather disasters and government impropriety, the very important issue of internet neutrality has escaped broad public scrutiny. This is the week, if not the day, when your access to the internet may become controlled by government and/or business imposed rules that you will never be able to change. Some of the biggest players in the internet space are trying to achieve a seemingly minor but actually profound change in how the internet delivers information to you. The internet is about to be monetized.

Self-preservationists know, signs are everywhere

As a child, you learn to recognize the signs confronting you. You look up at the sky and see clouds rolling in, grey clouds, and you know to leave the field before a downpour. On the playground, you see a bunch of kids gathering, see their body language, their peering over at you or your group and are forewarned that conflict is about to begin.

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 12-7-17

To the voters of Amenia …

Thank you for all of your support and voting for me to reach a third term as town of Amenia supervisor. 

I believe that the future of Amenia is bright and I will continue to keep working for quality of life improvements for all of our residents.

Victoria Perotti



What’s a gift idea for a strict vegan recipient?

Dear EarthTalk:  I’m looking for cool holiday gift ideas for a strident vegan who won’t tolerate items that make use of animals or animal products. Any ideas? 

Doug Halpern

Washington D.C.