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What’s the point of gender identity?

Fifteen years ago I needed a pistol on the farm — we had rabid raccoons, out in the daylight. A neighbor got bitten. So I went to Terni’s Store in Millerton, and Phil told me I needed a pistol permit. 

I went off to Poughkeepsie and filled in the forms at the police station. The officer there took my fingerprints and reviewed my responses, “What are you, a smart aleck? Under race you put ‘human’; you’re Caucasian.”


Taking steps toward a more informed public

The village and the county held an open house on the Millerton Pedestrian Plan Project on Thursday, Aug. 3, at the NorthEast-Millerton Library Annex. In doing so, not only did the village share the results of its work with the Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development, but both village and county accomplished something that is critical to local governing: community outreach.

So often, our towns and villages are criticized for not informing the public of their intentions, of the work they’re conducting and of their goals and aspirations.

Letters to the Editor, Aug, 3, 2017 - The Millerton News

Day for girls coverage appreciated

Thank you for the July 13 article and editorial in The Millerton News about our Days for Girls mission. I was well pleased with the facts included and the clarity of the writing. 

Your support is greatly appreciated: it has given us needed exposure throughout the area.

Round Pond in the mid-1900s, when it was available for town recreation area use …

That was when the Lions Club had assumed responsibilities for the area, and the swimming, fishing and picnicking were good.  

The kids of Amenia, at least, had a chance to swim in their town, plus learn how to do so. There were ultimately a changing area, a sand beach and a diving raft. There was also a picnic area. The recreation program transported residents by bus while others drove and parked there. 

Getting past 2-D thinking is the key

There’s a major flaw in humans. With two eyes, and genetically always looking at flat planes of vision, we tend to think, “see,” in two dimensions. Because we live in a 3-D world, we piece together our world in 2-D planes of sight, vertical and horizontal, to effectively record the dimension, size, shape and color of objects that are 3-D. 

Millerton won’t be the same ….

Millerton will soon be losing a piece of its history, with the impending closure of the iconic Saperstein’s. On Main Street for 70 years, Saperstein’s has long met the needs of not only village residents, but of those living around the entire Tri-state region.

A change that will create strength in the long run

Media companies are seen as being under the gun right now, especially any of those that print on paper, even if in conjunction with online publications.  And it’s not just the perception, it’s the reality. The media is dismissed even at what would ordinarily be considered the highest levels of our society. After all, the U.S. president accuses national and international media of producing only inaccurate or fabricated reporting, using Twitter to contradict and attack many responsible journalists. 

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 7-27-17

Great music and kindness from community

I often bike through your community on the Rail Trail and recently I was so impressed with your small town, big community event, Spring for Sound, the music festival with six stages featuring talent from all over the region including Connecticut. Such a nice community family atmosphere. I’m sure you absolutely love your town and region. Well … SO DO I! Just lovely. Keep up the fine work in your community. I was there to bike but will be back next year to spend much more time at your event.  

Genetic changes all around

As an agrarian people, humans have been messing with genetics for hundreds of thousands of years. Yes, that long. Every time you decide what two cattle to breed together — this one gives more milk, that one has more meat — you are doing what Mother Nature maybe wouldn’t do. In the case of artificial insemination (and most cattle are now developed this way), you are literally taking two animals that have no contact with each other and breeding them together.