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Libraries have lots to offer in the summer

The Millerton News Editorial

When most of us think of summer, we imagine ourselves splashing in the water while the sun beats down or lying on the sand with a cool drink in our hands, perhaps watching children play while building castles in the sand. Few of us contemplate bringing our families to the local library to spend time inside dark, shelf-lined repositories searching for how-to books or ancient encyclopedias, while friends and neighbors are busy enjoying the great outdoors.

Letters to the Editor August 11

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

Worthwhile trip to D.C. to visit with service people
      American Legion Post 178 would like to thank all who participated in Operation Thank You Wounded Warrior II.
      A special thanks goes to Patty “O,” Linda Hogan, Bob Boyles, Russell Boyles and Legionnaire Larry Sands, who cooked in temperatures pushing 115 degrees in front of the grills for three hours.

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Litterpigs, beware!

The Country Curmudgeon

I prefer the term litterpigs to litterbugs. Litterbug sounds harmless, almost cute. Litterpig creates a different image.

As you drive down the road you will see an amazing assortment of bags, cans, bottles and general trash that litterpigs have left for you and me to enjoy. A fairly common sight is the big MacDonald’s bag stuffed with discarded wrappings.

Beer cans is another one. Not soda cans, mind you, but beer cans. This indicates that the perpetrator is old enough to know better. He just doesn’t care.

A social Darwinist evolves

The Long View

The zealous federal budget-cutters intent on slashing social programs are the latest social Darwinists, those who believe in economic and social survival of the fittest and think that toughness is the only route to a healthier society. Social Darwinists shout that if you can’t make it on your own, you should please die or get out of the way of those who can.

Excessive reactions on rape and child abuse?

A View From the Edge

Father Ciro Benedettini, the Vatican press office vice director (and remember anything coming from that office is carefully vetted beforehand) issued a press statement recently about the friction between Ireland and the Vatican over the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests for decades.

His written press statement concluded with these words:  “…some degree of surprise and disappointment at certain excessive reactions.”

If it's my wife

Editorial Cartoon

Do they use cyanide fishing to capture the fish we eat?


Cyanide fishing began in the 1960s in the Philippines as a way to capture live reef fish for sale primarily to aquarium owners, but is today also done to supply specialty restaurants in Hong Kong and other large Asian cities. Pictured: The ocellaris clownfish, a popular aquarium fish often captured after first being stunned by bursts of cyanide-laced seawater squirted from a plastic bottle.


Solid information is important for towns

The Millerton News Editorial

The town of Pine Plains is planning ahead as it undertakes an important project ­— property data collection — under the leadership of the Board of Assessors. Though the process usually leads straight into a property reassessment, Board of Assessors Chairman Jim Mara is careful to stress that is not necessarily the case here and the data collection is strictly that — a chance to collect updated information on all town properties so property record card data can be reconciled with what actually exists.


Editorial Cartoon

As Dad said, ‘They getcha!’

The Country Curmudgeon

“That’s how they getcha.” That was one of my father’s favorite sayings, and with good reason.

I agonize over the French and Russian dressing that clings to the inside of the bottle. You just can’t get that last bit.

I’ve got ketchup’s number, though. I learned that the key ingredient that makes it flow is vinegar. When the bottle gets near the end I just add a little vinegar and I am back in business. I like vinegar and don’t mind. Use my ketchup, take your chances.