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Medical Examiner’s Office move may really happen

The County Account

Ennumerate the core functions of government. Not many lists will include a medical examiner.

Few people realize how commonplace autopsies have become in the functioning of government. The Sheriff’s Office and local police forces rely heavily on the medical examiner for evidence collection. The district attorney relies on their findings for prosecution, and the Health Department, in which this county position is based, utilizes the results for analysis and detection of public health risks.

Watching out for wetlands with new law

The Millerton News Editorial

The Washington Town Board took a significant step recently when it passed the long-awaited Wetlands Law, or more precisely, Local Law No. 1 of 2011, to “amend the town of Washington’s zoning code to add a new section entitled Wetlands and Watercourses Law.”

It will help prevent “despoliation and destruction of wetlands, water bodies and watercourses and controlled areas, collectively referred to as ‘regulated areas,’ recognizing their varying ecological, water quality, supply and recreational values,” according to the law.

Pay Attention

Editorial Cartoon

Fine dining experiences

The Country Curmudgeon

Over the years, I have had some unique restaurant experiences of the fine dining caliber.

There was my first experience with a waiter who did not write your order down. He stood with hands clasped and a smug look as our party of four recited their orders. Impressive. He bowed and exited, to return later with every order wrong.

The other end of this spectrum was the old railroad dining car where you wrote your order on a pre-printed order slip and handed it to the waiter. The food left something to be desired, but they did get the orders right.

Save money, make psych center a jail

The County Account

Dutchess County is presently housing out about 182 inmates per day to correctional facilities in other counties because the Dutchess County Jail lacks capacity to serve our public safety needs. In July the Dutchess County sheriff will request the Legislature approve $1.6 million, in addition to the $2.6 million included in the 2011 county budget, to cover housing-out costs.

Also in July, the Legislature will consider a second request from the sheriff for an additional $1 million for overtime expenses associated with assisting inmates “with medical and mental issues.”

Letters to the Editor July 7

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

Thanks for the news coverage

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Why do chemicals in our air and water have to be unsafe?


Dear EarthTalk: So many chemicals in everyday products are harmful to our health and the environment. Why aren’t we developing safer alternatives?

Donna Langston

Asheville, N.C.

Sunscreens have several health issues of their own


Dear EarthTalk: Isn’t spray sunscreen a health and environmental nightmare when it seems that more of the sunscreen ends up going up my nose than on the kid at the beach next to me?

Lillian Robertson

Methuen, Mass.

Spray cans of sunscreen may no longer contain chlorofluorocarbons (also known as CFCs, which were phased out in the 1990s for causing holes in the stratospheric ozone layer), but many contain other chemicals that are not good for our health or the environment.

Same-sex Marriage bill is something to celebrate

The Millerton News Editorial

Well done, New York. In what was a monumental moment for the Empire State, gay marriage was finally approved by the Senate and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday, June 24 — legalizing what truly should always have been recognized as a fundamental right between two consenting adults.


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