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Defining Coffee Syndrome

The Country Curmudgeon

The Coffee Syndrome: these are things that never live up to your expectations. Remember when you were little and you could smell that delicious aroma? Then the day came when you finally were allowed your first taste. You had to be old enough for your developing body to handle the well-known side effects of this dangerous adult beverage when administered to juveniles: stunting of growth, hyperactivity and blackening of the knees.

Internet address switch frustration

A View From The Edge

We all have that fear: the Internet connection seems to be working fine, and then nothing works.

You get on the phone and call your Internet service provider; they tell you to turn off your computer, router and modem. Then they tell you to wait 30 seconds, and turn them back on in the reverse order. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. If not, they start saying things like, “the BIOS needs to be updated,” or “your firmware is out of date,” or, worst of all, “our equipment is working fine, something is wrong with your... [fill in the name of anything you bought].”

Honesty is refreshing

Editorial Cartoon

Thank you, veterans

The Millerton News Editorial

This Friday, 11-11-11, is a special day. Not only for the rarity of its numerical dateline, but for the day it represents. Every year, at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, this nation celebrates Veterans Day — a holiday as important to us today as when it was first recognized in 1954.

Letters to the Editor - November 10

Letters To The Editor - The Millerton News

263 served!
The Millerton Fire Company would like to thank everyone that came to join us for our breakfast on Sunday, Nov. 6. We served a total of 263 meals. We are grateful to all who attended.
A special thanks to all who came to help. Without you, it cannot happen.
Al Andrews
Bill Lutz
Vicki Moore


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Boompah, Pop-Pops arise!

The Country Curmudgeon

Years ago, Jimmy Stewart and Maureen O’Hara made a movie about a family vacation with their children and grandchildren. Stewart discovers that his grandson has adopted the name Boompah for him, evidently preferring this to grandpa. He is horrified.

It seems like yesterday when we were all excited about my grandson’s imminent birth. Shortly after his arrival, reality intruded. I was now a grandparent. This could not be! A mistake has been made! I am too young to be a — uh, you know.

Nation must regain focus on education

A View From the Edge

Historically, America has been at the forefront of education. We have some of the oldest institutions of middle school, high school and higher education. We were among the first nations to construct and finance public education. And ever since the beginning of our nation in 1776, education has been the backbone of America’s security.

With Ivy League colleges and land-grant universities, America has always had an eye to higher education, specialized talents and much needed intellectual ability. But for most Americans, education stops with what was and is provided as a public right.

Creating jobs in Dutchess County

The County Account

In our current economy where unemployment remains high, people are looking to the government for solutions. While job creation is not a traditional governmental role, creating and fostering environments ripe for economic development and job creation has become an expectation among the electorate.

In September and October, the County Legislature received reports from the county Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Workforce Investment Board on their efforts to revitalize the county’s economic health.

What are the most efficient light bulbs for us to use?

Earth Talk

Dear EarthTalk: What are the greenest light bulbs to use? I hear there has been a lot of backlash against compact fluorescents because they contain mercury.

— Peter Roscoe, Hershey, Pa.

Police show true colors

The Millerton News Editorial

The village of Millbrook will remain in blue, and keep local police coverage now and in the future, as it has had for so many years in the past.

The issue was raised at a recent Village Board meeting just as it’s been raised during countless conversations among village residents throughout the years. At the root of those discussions are two questions — whether Millbrook needs to keep its own force and if it’s legally required to do so.

Last week Millbrook Mayor Laura Hurley cleared up any confusion regarding the matter, after conferring with Village Attorney Rebecca Valk.