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Fed passes the ball to Congress

@The Market

By now everyone knows the outcome of Ben Bernanke’s speech at Jackson Hole Friday, Aug. 26. For those looking for a cure-all from the chairman of the Federal Reserve, his speech was a disappointment.

Overall, the markets were not nearly as disappointed as one might imagine. I suspect the smart money was not expecting much in the way of new programs. Of course, Chairman Bernanke promised to take another look at the economy on Sept. 20, when next the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets, but don’t hold your breath.

Giants control Congress

A View From the Edge

Over the last year, AT&T (amongst others) spent a small fortune lobbying congressional members (and that includes their underpaid staff, who are easy pickings) to ensure that the FCC does not force cell phone (3G and 4G) Internet access to be free nor even regulate it.

Jail expansion advances

The County Account

The findings of a commissioned report on jail alternatives, coupled with $3.6 million in emergency spending that the Legislature appropriated in July to cover increased jail costs, spurred the Legislature this month to form a committee to study the jail situation. This committee, which will report back in December, is expected to recommend jail expansion.

Look at me! Look at me!

The Country Curmudgeon

It all starts with that little bell on your tricycle. Nobody ever got run over by a tricycle. It is not really a warning device, but rather an announcement of your coming. Jing! Jing! Here I come!

As you got older you graduated to a two-wheeler, but you still went Jing!, unless you had one of those deluxe models that had a horn. Then you went Blaaah.

No Labor Day

Editorial Cartoon

Schools open for fall

The Millerton News Editorial

Summer is winding to an end, and for families everywhere that means one thing and one thing only — the hallways are about to open wide for the new school year. Although it might be hard for some to believe, for most of us living in the Harlem Valley, come Sept. 7, school will be back in session. The transition from lazy summer days to hectic early morning races to the bus stop will take time for everyone to adapt to, but in the final analysis teaching children (no matter what age) the importance of sticking to a schedule is not a bad thing.

Board members don’t have to agree, but they do have to be civil

The Millerton News Editorial

We’ve said it before: If you are or want to be a public official, mind your manners and your temper. The behavior of some of our local politicians these days is both shameful and discreditable. They ought to know better — and deep down they probably do. So why, at a recent public meeting, did two councilmen get into a squabble so severe they nearly broke into fisticuffs?


Editorial Cartoon

Stupid is as stupid does

The Country Curmudgeon

I was watching this show on Animal Planet. These guys were in a multiple-day sailboat race in the Gulf of Mexico and their boat overturned during the night. The boat sank and they had to float around in their life jackets for a couple of days in shark-infested waters.

The debate over free speech vs. peaceful burials

The County Account

It’s not every day that local government considers legislation of current national import. Yet, that’s what the Dutchess County Legislature did this month is in debating a draft of a local law prohibiting demonstrations at funeral services.

The bill was rooted in the March 2 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Snyder vs. Phelps et al., which the court in an 8-1 decision sided with the Westboro Baptist Church’s First Amendment right to demonstrate at a military funeral.