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Should consumers still be concerned about food dyes?


Dear EarthTalk: Ever since the red dye No. 2 scare in the 1970s I’ve been wary of using food colorings or buying food that appears to contain them. Are there natural and healthy food colorings?

Nancy McFarlane

Methuen, Mass.

Happy New Years

Editorial Cartoon

New-generation hair-care products are less harsh


Dear EarthTalk: I always hear about hair products and sprays that claim to be natural and organic based. What are some hair products that can be purchased that are legit and cause no harm to the environment?

Penny Siegel

Milwaukee, Wis.

It’s all about resolve

The Millerton News Editorial

After all of the celebrations and fanfare end, reality sets in — 2012 has actually arrived. It’s the dawn of a new day. A fresh start. A clean slate. A jumping off point from which the next 12 months will follow. It’s well advised to get a plan in place to help set the course for the year ahead. Perhaps it’s time to (yes, the well-worn phrase is about to hit the page) consider making New Year’s resolutions for 2012.

New Year, Shmoo Year

The Country Curmedgeon

New Year, Shmoo Year. Whose idea was this anyway? It doesn’t feel like a new year when the snow and ice are still on the ground and everyone (except the skiers, but they are a little bit crazy, whooshing down mountainsides without good brakes) is sitting around with their teeth chattering and a blanket draped over their head in that corner of the kitchen near the oven.

Letters to the Editor - January 5

Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News

Dozen years at the helm

To the residents of the town of Pine Plains:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for affording me the privilege and honor of serving as the town supervisor for the past 12 years.

Transition at the top

The County Account

The New Year’s holiday causes us to look forward to 2012 with anticipation, but also to reflect back on the previous year. With the transfer of power from County Executive Bill Steinhaus to newly-elected Marc Molinaro, Dutchess County government has also been looking both forward and backward.

The Legislature recognized Steinhaus for his long service to county government at the final county legislative meeting in December. First elected in 1991, he served as county executive for 20 years and as county clerk for 13 years prior to that.

Now’s a good time to really build for the future

A View From The Edge

How many times have you told your kids, “Jump to it!” to encourage them with their responsibilities? How many times does the sergeant in the military tell his troop, “Jump to it!” to instill urgency? America is like that right now, we all need to “jump to it!”

Enjoy the holidays: But, have you finished your college applications yet?

Consider This

Despite Santa and his merry band of elves, the Christmas cards wishing Joy and Peace, wreaths on nearly every door, the carols and Christmas songs on the radio and in the stores; despite all that, the holidays are often characterized as times of stress. Family dysfunction and higher attendance at AA meetings; for every upbeat yin, there seems to be a downbeat yang.

Why, exactly, should we take time to sort our trash?


Dear EarthTalk: Recycling can be a somewhat time-consuming task; so can you please provide some benefits of taking the time to separate my trash? Joseph Jiminez

Houston, Texas

Recycling, which turns materials that would otherwise be incinerated or become landfill-clogging waste into valuable resources, has become second nature for many Americans. As many as four out of five U.S. households already take the time to separate recyclables from trash. Those holdouts not yet willing to bother should consider the benefits to their household and society at large.