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Letters to the Editor March 8, 2012

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

How to reuse the school

An accurate forecast: The weather is always hyped

A View From the Edge

To tell if so-called experts are hoping you won’t notice they have no clue what they’re talking about, all you need to do is ask one question: Is this what was promised or are they simply talking?

All over the radio and television — and even the Internet — we are being fed a steady stream of weather, 99 percent of which is news about weather that has already been, not what is about to come.

Checking out the supermarket proposals

The Millerton News Editorial

It seems like the supermarket debate in the town of North East has gotten a little out of hand. The town’s Planning Board has been working diligently for more than a year now, quietly going about its business while reviewing an application from Southern Realty Development LLC (SRD) and all that it requires.

Neuter Month

Editorial Cartoon

Game’s over, game’s over

The Country Curmudgeon

There were several ways of ending a game when I was a kid. Stickball was a popular pastime when you had enough bodies. All it required was a rubber ball and a broomstick handle. The bases were cars, fire hydrants and a manhole cover. The ball was pitched underhand, on a bounce, different effects being imparted by spinning the ball with the flick of one finger upon release so that when it bounced it darted to one side, or slowed down or sped up, depending upon which way you made it spin. I can still do this. I can’t remember how to rhumba, but I can do this.

Letters to the Editor March 1, 2012

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

Current market value?

I have been searching for a house in the town of North East for a while now and the article in The Millerton News that the recently completed “Reassessment Project… reflects the current market value” of the property must be inaccurate. I know this because I have shopped for properties and have used the Dutchess County Parcel Access website to evaluate each property.

Human rights violated in so many ways internationally

A View From the Edge

Three cases going through international courts serve as perfect examples of the fluid defining line of human rights violations. If you were to ask anyone near you what they thought such violations were, they might answer rape, torture, false imprisonment and other horrible crimes against one of more people. And those definitions are what the world courts are grappling with.

What an actor

Editorial Cartoon

What’s the Obama roadmap for environmental issues?


Dear EarthTalk: What are the environmental implications of the road ahead as laid out by President Obama in his recent State of the Union?

Marilyn Pike

Bethesda, Md.

A Better Choice Budget for New York: 10 good reasons

Guest Commentary

Here are 10 reasons to come out to our “A Better Choice Budget for New York” forum with New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness Executive Director Ron Deutsch on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 5:30 p.m., at Rhinebeck Town Hall, 80 East Market St.

1. The Better Choice Budget Coalition sensibly calls for a return to the full millionaires tax and closing $1 billion worth of corporate tax loopholes annually.