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Letters to the Editor January 19, 2012

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

Folks were so supportive
We want to sincerely thank the many people who showed their support for our family during our recent loss.
The food, cards, flowers, visits, hugs and other expressions of sympathy meant so much to all of us. It is a real comfort to know we have such a network of friends helping us through our grief by sharing our sorrow.
Steven and Walt Killmer  
Freda Harpp  

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Do some mouthwashes contain formaldehyde?


Dear EarthTalk: Are there healthy, green-friendly mouthwashes? I’ve heard that some contain formaldehyde and other nasty substances.

Marina Sandberg

Albany, N.Y.

What a difference a year makes

Nature's Notebook

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time we were knee-deep in snow. This year, until perhaps recently, we were on target for one of the warmest winters on record.

War Horse

Editorial Cartoon

Learning the lingo

The Millerton News Editorial

There’s a lot involved in keeping up with local politics. Learning the ropes takes effort and time, for there are many questions to answer: Who holds what position? Who creates local laws and how are they adopted? Who enforces those laws? What is an executive session? What is a quorum? How does one do a municipal search? Where does one go to file specific documents? What’s it like to attend a town or a village meeting? How does one follow along — and where, oh where, is the legend to all of those darn acronyms bandied about the board table?

Toys were us, so to speak

The Country Curmudgeon

My earliest childhood memories come from a post-World War II environment. My toy soldiers were lead and my toy tanks were tin, made in Japan from tin cans discarded by the U.S. military occupation forces. When they broke you could turn them inside out and read the labels on some of them. Spam tins were popular.

Letters to the Editor January 12, 2012

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

Student can’t record lecture?

Good news for America’s jobless rate

A View From the Edge

By the time you read this, some anti-administration spin doctor will have concluded that the improving U.S. unemployment rate of 8.5 percent is all smoke and mirrors.

They will claim that there are people who dropped out of the job market for reasons that range from re-education (true), to retirement (true), to sheer boredom at not finding a job after a year or more (true).

Should consumers still be concerned about food dyes?


Dear EarthTalk: Ever since the red dye No. 2 scare in the 1970s I’ve been wary of using food colorings or buying food that appears to contain them. Are there natural and healthy food colorings?

Nancy McFarlane

Methuen, Mass.

Happy New Years

Editorial Cartoon