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Preserving Nature by discarding a straight line

Only humans choose the shortest path. No other living creature makes a straight line. Straight lines do not appear in Nature. The first straight lines to appear were made by wetting a piece of leather, folding it and creasing the fold with a rock. When the leather was opened, there was a straight line across the tan surface. This was the beginning of writing, keeping records, making maps, and engineering.

Should we legislate ethics?

We all have that little voice inside our heads that lets us know when we’re doing right or wrong. An internal mechanism, it’s an edit function to help govern how we behave.

Why then, one might ask, do towns and villages find the need to have codes of conduct, or ethics committees? That’s a question that came recently in the wake of a Millerton scandal that saw a Planning Board member and the deputy mayor responsible for a profane message scribbled on the dusty window of a local Realtor’s office door. 

Before the Storm

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 10-19-17

About the Con Con

In the upcoming election Nov. 7, there are three referendum matters on every New York State ballot. Let me draw your attention to one.

It’s listed as the Constitutional Convention, shortened in conversation to “Con Con.” Not the U.S. Constitution: You can’t vote on that, except with your feet. This is our state constitution, enacted in 1894.

North East Highway Garage purchase: Town Board was driven

Last week, the North East Town Board made an exciting announcement: land had finally been found — and bought — for a new highway garage facility.

It was a great deal. Purchased through back taxes, the town paid only $6,687.12 for a 3.7-acre wooded lot, north of the main light in the village of Millerton on Route 22, next to Charlie’s Repair Shop. The deal still has to be approved  by the Dutchess County Legislature.

The Domino Theory applied to airliner trade

‘We won’t do business with a company that is trying to sue us,” said Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister, threatening to cancel orders for all Boeing F/A-18 fighters. 

Why? Because Boeing has asked this U.S. administration — which has agreed — to levy a 220 percent import tax on 75 Canadian Bombardier airliners that Delta has ordered. 


Rocket Boy

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 10-12-17

 The Quarryland Realty application 

In 2010, a Village Water Committee was formed in response to a perceived need to protect the village water supply and to examine how to accomplish this into the future. It initially consisted of Deputy Mayor Stan Morse, Dr. William Augerson, Frank Genova, Steve Lynch, Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall, Scott Osborne, Howard Schuman, Scott Tumblety, and later joined by Trustee Mike Herzog. Throughout, consultants were brought in as needed.

The same old dance

What is the news? According to Bill Paley, the founder of CBS, you need a balance in broadcasting: one side as entertainment, like Frank Sinatra, and the other as news, like Edward R. Murrow. 

Fred Friendly, the ex-head of CBS News, once said, “Television makes so much [money] at its worst that it can’t afford to do its best.” That’s certainly proving to be the case these past weeks.