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GOP’s environment attack

As many concerned Americans know, or should know, congressional Representatives Debbie Dingell, Democrat from Michigan, and Jim Fortenberry, Republican from Nebraska, have introduced in the House of Congress a bipartisan bill titled the “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act” (RAWA), which is also cosponsored by Connecticut Reps. Joe Courtney, Jahana Hayes and John Larson.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 11-14-19

Democracy almost made it to 250 years

Historians will look back in awe at how one man with no political background in less than four years was able to convert the greatest democracy the world has ever known into a dictatorship. How did he do it despite being ignorant of the U.S. Constitution? By refusing to follow the rule of law!

Collective spontaneous experiences lacking

An older friend told me the other day that he missed a feeling of being in sync with fellow citizens. He went on, “The only time I feel really part of our community is at sports events or political rallies.”  It got me thinking… why do we older men and women hanker after a time of old? Were olden days better financially? Were they less stressful? Were they a “better time” as some claim?

Time honored traditions

It’s that time of year again. The mid-November mornings crisp and cold. Exhaled breaths can be seen as vapor. Leaves that had turned crimson and gold now carpet the forest floor. A long-awaited reunion for we Rounders of Riga, initially founded in 1954 by six WWII veterans, later expanding to eight and finally 12, intent to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday civilian life.


Local journalism fills a community need

Local newspapers serve a very important role in their communities: They not only deliver the news of the day, they act as the gatekeepers of information important to the public. They also share the hopes and the dreams of their readers, so that communities can connect, come together and find common ground.

What is General Aviation?

My last wallet

Retirement is a time when you are asked to make all kinds of choices about your uncertain future. For the headline issues — Social Security, 401(k)distributions, Medicare and prescription drug plans — there is an avalanche of available information (and misinformation).