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Editorial Cartoon

What’s been done to improve air conditioner efficiency?


Dear EarthTalk: Has an alternative to air conditioning to keep rooms cool been invented that is significantly cheaper and/or that uses significantly less energy than traditional air conditioning?

Ashutosh Saxena
Allahabad, India

Letters to the Editor - July 26 2012

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When and when not to drill: some economic basics

A View from the Edge

The strange thing about human need is that we are always looking somewhere else for what we feel we need. If money is getting tight, don’t economize on expenses, don’t buy energy-saving bulbs, don’t downsize (unless forced out of your home), instead find a way to work extra hours, or ask for a raise or get a loan. In short, find what you need somewhere else as a first choice.

I was a beach baby

The County Curmudgeon

I grew up less than half an hour from Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. A toll of 50 cents was paid for a carload to drive into the park. We were the eastern version of the California surfers, but without the surf boards ... or the music ... or the rollicking gangs of fun-loving kids.

Keeping focus on the issue at hand

The Millerton News Editorial

Around here people really care about their communities. That is a good thing — a very good thing.

Tax Cuts

Bog Turtle Hatchings "July-August"

Poor Devil