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Ideas needed for environmentally sensitive gifts


Dear EarthTalk: I would like to make my holiday gifts matter this year. Where can I find ideas for green gifts?

Mary Baumgartner

via email

Duchess County Legislator considers local laws

The County Account

Even the most mild-seeming government regulation affects the people under its care. I remind myself of this frequently when weighing proposed county legislation versus the social contract theory of 17th century philosophers Hugo Grotius, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and others.

Survival Episode

Editorial Cartoon

Staying safe and secure, wherever you are

The Millerton News Editorial

There are times when one can get lost in the peace and tranquility of life in the country. After all, the lush, rolling hills, the picturesque farmland, the quaint villages — all of these wonderful attributes of country living are part and parcel of why so many people choose to make the Harlem Valley their home. But despite the charm of such a life there are still unsavory elements that each and every person living in this rural Utopia must be aware of, these days more than ever.

Gravity of the situation

The Country Curmudgeon

I have an ongoing adversarial relationship with gravity. I’m not talking about aging and the attendant humiliations, like the visitation from the Jowl Fairy, or any of the other droopy phenomena. No, it is more diabolical than those commonplace and expected changes. Those are just part of the price for living longer. I consider this a fair price. My issue comes with those little things that sneak up on me as I go about my business.

Uppity, other racial slurs

A View From The Edge

Like the man on an iceberg says of the secret of the rising water as the ice melts (“The Great Race” with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon), “When it reaches my bottom lip, then I’ll tell somebody!” I felt it was time to speak out. “Uppity” was defined in 1952 in the Oxford English Dictionary and in 1958 in Merriam Webster – both definitions attached to the “n” word. It has been, for most of 60 years, a deeply-rooted racial slur.

Letters to the Editor - December 1

Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News

Rising food prices hurt
Dutchess County residents are feeling the impact of rising food prices along with the rest of the country. Low-income families spend a higher percentage of their incomes on groceries and have been hit hardest by soaring gasoline and heating costs and jumps in the price of staples like milk, eggs and bread. These families in our community may soon be facing a “Heat or Eat” dilemma — choosing between food and fuel.

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Have synthetic chemicals given rise to more cancer?


Dear EarthTalk: How clear (or not) are the links between the rising incidents of cancers around the world and the prevalence of synthetic chemicals in modern society?

— Alberto Buono, Lee, MA

With the World Health Organization hinting that cancer could unseat heart disease as the leading cause of death around the world, it’s no surprise that per capita cancer incidence is on the rise globally. In fact, cancer is the only major cause of death that has continued to rise since 1900.

Fellow Republican

Editorial Cartoon

Canada, love your food

The Country Curmedgeon

‘You just keep thinkin’, Butch. That’s what you’re good at.’

— Sundance Kid to Butch Cassidy (from the movie of nearly the same name)

I’ve got another million dollar idea! A Canadian cuisine restaurant! The food would be very similar to American, just more expensive — or maybe less, depending on the current exchange rate.

OK, this is an over simplification. After all, there is back bacon and Molson beer. Actually, there would be quite a few things to give it that special ambience, and I think I would choose the ’70s as a theme.