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Sen. Rand Paul’s call: reality v. rigidity

Two contemporary stories about Sen. Rand Paul (R- Ky.) illustrate the disconnect between one’s ideology and personal experiences. Imagine a fierce opponent of regulation being saved in a crash by government-mandated seat belts and air bags and the ensuing cognitive dissonance.

In the case of Rand Paul, MD (ophthalmology), the two experiences came almost at the same time. Last month, Sen. Paul went to the Shouldice Hernia Centre, the world-famous hernia repair institution located just outside of Toronto, Ont.


Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 3-14-19

Thanks for coming out

The North East Historical Society thanks everyone who came out in support of our first Dine Out for History program. On select nights from Jan. 27, to March 7, local restaurants donated 10 percent of their proceeds to the society, and some generously gave us even more. 

The trouble with AI

Your brain works in a wonderful way. The things your eyes see, the senses of touch, the hearing – all these are data input traveling along nerves as electric signals, on or off, strong or weak. The brain then receives this data and organizes it along patterns it recognizes from learning since birth and stores it as engrams — analogue interpretation of data.

Don’t call these television performances debates

In August of 2015, 15 months before the presidential election, the Republican Party invited 17 of its best and brightest candidates for president to take part in what would be the first of a dozen “debates.”  They would continue until the following March and give us Donald Trump.


Gun control: Another look

It’s an old argument — one that is deeply divided down party lines: gun control. Should there be stricter regulations when  it comes to purchasing a gun? And, if so, what should those regulations entail? Rarely have the two sides come together in consensus when debating this issue.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 3-7-19

Bulbs have been changed

The town of Pine Plains is proud to announce the completion of our replacement of all existing non-LED streetlights with efficient fixtures.

The replacement of these lights is another step in the town’s march toward efficiency in the management of government. These lights, while supplying soft and adequate light, will last longer with a lower cost to taxpayers. And the stars are still visible from the center of town!

Society is right now at a turning point

Democracy and liberty are increasingly under threat around the world as capitalism and the digital revolution get together to rule your life. In fact, new and newer technologies are not only asking you — and you are willfully supplying — reams of data, but — and, here’s the big worry as outlined by Professor Shoshana Zuboff (one of the great minds at Harvard) — those collectors are modifying and manipulating your data even while you think it is still yours or certainly something you are clear about yourself on.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking

Is the two-party system the best we can do? From the perspective of this unhappy Republican it has a major flaw: It is impossible to stretch a unifying political tent over a party where the political differences are so great and where the so-called “wedge” issues play such a major role.