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Violate Principles

Negative advertising

Let’s all start off with one assumption: If you have given in to a smart phone, that’s your primary computer for email checking, web surfing, a little game playing and, of course, social media. 

I suspect there are many of us who are fed up to the back teeth with all the advertising being pumped at us. You turn on your phone, and a browser automatically senses where you are and finds appropriate messages to flood your screen. 

9/11 was followed by a day of ghostly silence

Part II


Sept. 12 — I woke up early because of the deadly quiet outside; there were no screaming sirens, no car horns, nothing — I wondered about that silence and worried that this was a very bad sign — that it meant that there were no survivors being transported to the hospitals in the neighborhood.

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 9-7-17

Finally …

I’d like to extend a grateful thank you, from those serving and those who have served in combat arenas, to President Donald Trump for adopting a military strategy based on real-time decisions from commanders on the ground.

In the past, decisions were made by Washington based on political agendas and its never worked in my lifetime. 

Finally, a military common-sense strategy is being adopted to expedite action and protect American military lives.

Forever changed by Sept. 11

It’s been 17 years, and most Americans remain haunted by remembrances of Sept. 11. Those nightmarish images are burned into our collective memory. They are as gut-wrenching and heartbreaking today as ever.

Every time people talk about the day that took the lives of 2,996 people — at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania — the trauma is re-experienced. 

The dangers of tweaking laws for a few

It’s tough for a town to justify special treatment of any of its constituents. All taxpayers should be treated fairly and equally under the law. But there are times when exceptions arise. The question, of course, is whether it’s a good idea to make exceptions, and whether they can be made fairly. 

Case in point? The request by the Antlers Club in Pine Plains to allow the construction of three new homes on its 10.5-acre grounds — despite that doing so would contradict town zoning. 

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 8-31-17

Pleased with adopted country

I am a proud immigrant to the United States. I can assure you there is no greater country than my adopted country. Many factors contribute to that status, but central to its overwhelming success as a nation is its Constitution and our adherence to it.

The talent of hiding $$$ in plain sight

Sometimes you have to take tycoons at their word. According to Northrup Grumman Chairman, President, and CEO Wes Bush (July 26), the Pentagon is “increasingly thinking about how they classify their programs.” 

Then he added this tidbit, that there was a “likelihood that an increasing fraction of our business may become restricted.” 

9-11 remembered: A look back on darker days

Part I


September 11, 2001 — Having overslept that morning, I hurried to get ready for work without turning on the radio or slowing down to have breakfast. It must have been close to nine o’clock when I came downstairs in the lobby of our apartment building, where I found a group of people excitedly talking about an airplane that had flown into the World Trade Center, a terrible accident that caused a major fire in one of the tall buildings downtown.  

Scary Babies