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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — June 1919

SALISBURY — Howard Select, pitching for the Yale Varsity nine against Fordham, Decoration Day! held his opponents to three hits in ten innings.


Memorial Day has touched our hearts once again

The beginning of summer is a time of both nostalgia for past good times in the sun and joy looking forward to new ones. But Memorial Day, which marks that new moment every year, brings its own profound meaning to the weekend. The ceremonies and parades that each town in the region organizes remind us all of the monumental sacrifices made by those who gave their lives for their country, and by the loved ones and comrades they left behind.

Pay attention to the municipal budgets

The charm of town and education budgets eludes most citizens until their tax bills arrive. Then, the repercussions of decisions made in spending municipal money become all too real. But in the Northwest Corner, none of the towns has been so irresponsible as to shock their taxpayers with gigantic increases. Rather, the boards and commissions look at every budget line and try their best to keep spending in check.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 5-30-19

Thanks for hosting Region One Art Show

On Friday, May 17, Standard Space Gallery in Sharon once again hosted the Region One Art Show to a huge and enthusiastic crowd of art-lovers. For the second time, Theo Coulombe, owner of this wonderful gallery space in the center of Sharon, opened his doors and his heart to the young artists of Region One. 

Some Democrats, Trump agree on border

While Democrats continue to focus on undoing the last election, an obsession that may only ensure President Trump’s reelection, the southern border continues to fall apart.

Things have gotten so bad at the border that it’s no longer just Trump saying it’s an emergency. Even The New York Times agrees with him. The paper of record has been running front page stories detailing how badly the border is being overrun, with unsustainable strain on manpower and resources.

Why are coffee prices at significant lows?

Arabica coffee futures prices recently fell to a price they haven’t seen since December of 2005. But don’t expect your morning cup of coffee to reflect those cheaper prices. The coffee business doesn’t work like that.

Normally, when the price of a commodity falls (like oil), consumers can expect to see a drop in price at the gas pumps within a week or three. The same thing might happen if the price of beef, wheat, corn or any number of commodities experienced a decline in price, so why not coffee?

Connecticut has plenty of abortion fanatics too

Raising taxes and the minimum wage, imposing highway tolls and increasing business regulation are not the only weird elements of Governor Lamont’s economic development strategy. This week the governor wrote an open letter to women business owners in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, arguing that the recent efforts of those states to outlaw abortion should prompt those businesses to relocate to Connecticut, which “supports the rights of women.”