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Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-22-18

Editorial misses the point

The editorial in last week’s Lakeville Journal totally misses the significance of the court’s decision. By upholding the Lime Rock Race Track’s appeal to overturn the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission’s (P&Z) regulation of the race track, the court has taken away the power of a legally designated local authority to do its job: preserve, protect and regulate. 

History will judge us

Americans love guns. There is ample evidence for that, including the sales of all kinds of them, whether pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, semi-automatic, pump-action, you name it, we love them. Though sales slumped immediately after Donald Trump’s election, it was only due to the large spike before the election, when many believed Hillary Clinton was going to win and wanted to stock up in advance of any gun control legislation a Democratic president might have gotten passed. And, of course, there were increased sales of guns every year during the Obama presidency.

How will the changes in the U.S. tax law affect us all?

Part 2 of a series

The 2018 Tax Act limits the deduction of state and local income, real estate, personal property and sales taxes to a total of $10,000 per return, regardless of filing status or amount paid. It also eliminates exemptions and gives a break to the self-employed. 

I tested four wide-ranging scenarios for the effect of the tax act. Here are the results:

What is stalling wrongful injury lawyers?

Up against four decades of megacorporate erosion of wrongfully injured Americans’ access to our courts, trial lawyers are wondering what use is left of the Seventh Amendment, our constitutional right to trial by jury?


The funniest president in U.S. history?

By now, we’ve all come to recognize that, in addition to his genius and humility, we have a president blessed with a world-class sense of humor. Witness the levity in his suggestion that those who didn’t stand and join in applauding him during his State of the Union address were  “treasonous.”


Donald Trump, we can all agree, is the wittiest president in the past century — with the possible exception of that devilishly funny Richard Nixon.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-15-18

The right thank-you from SWSA

Due to my error as editor, the wrong (from 2016) letter to the editor from John Sullivan ran in this week's Lakeville Journal. My apologies to him, and to all who were wondering what John was thinking about, mentioning the zero temperatures. We all know that was not the case. Completely my fault. Below is the correct letter, as it should have run this week, which will also appear in next week's Lakeville Journal. Very sorry, John! - Janet Manko

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — February 1918

LAKEVILLE — Miss Bessie Argall is home from Bristol for a week owing to the closing of her school because of the coal shortage.


CANAAN — The schools closed Monday for two weeks until Feb. 25 on account of scarlet fever in the family of Hyatt Tripp living on Reed Street.


LIME ROCK — Mr. and Mrs. Brusie returned on Saturday from New York after spending seven weeks there. Mr. Brusie’s eye is much improved.


Science and the English language

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, the former Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), announced that seven words should not be used in CDC budget requests. She was trying to help CDC staff escape the surveillance of budgeters. Dr. Fitzgerald just resigned because of a problem with her tobacco stock, but her greater sin was toying with the English language. Such comical censorship always summons the genie and genius of George Orwell. She should have read his 1950 essay “Politics and the English Language.”

LRP negotiations: Time for a new direction

What could encourage those who oppose Sunday racing at Lime Rock Park to consider a compromise position? If not the 47-page decision that came down last week from the Litchfield Superior Court, written by Judge John D. Moore, then it’s pretty clear that the answer to that question is “nothing.”