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Felony Indictment

Spinoffs from society

The computer age is enabling workers to mask deficiencies (like spelling) and odd work times behind productivity and work-load achievements. Sitting at home, an over-65er who can’t sleep anyway and tomorrow’s young work force can both catch up on paperwork, statistics, sales, whatever, and transmit the results over the internet. Up to today, the measure of the output of a worker (productivity) was set against piecework standards or office overhead. Soon pay will be linked to company profit. 

Talking about taxation

Lying and bigotry in the land of Donald Trump

Imagine someone distributing a photo of a child being thrown off a roof with the caption, “Jewish mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death” or another alleging, “Baptist destroys statue of Virgin Mary.”

You would reasonably conclude the distributor of this venom is a bigot.

So how would it be different if the word Muslim was substituted for the word Baptist or Jew? How would singling out members of the world’s second largest religion be any different?

Who speaks for Uncle Billy?

It bothers me that Mr. Potter got away with it. He skates and (after the credits roll) everyone else falls through the ice. It’s a wonderful life, for Mr. Potter.

A cynical take on a beloved classic? Perhaps. Looking through a contemporary lens reveals a few cracks in this veneer of fellowship and goodwill.

Turning Back The Pages

50 years ago — December 1967

The Lakeville Hose Co. was called out on a fire last Thursday, reported at the William Folland house on Echo Street. When they arrived, Mrs. Folland had taken care of the fire which had resulted from son Jeff, age 4, poking a lighted match through the floor of his bedroom. She threw water on the flames and the only damage was scorched floor boards and some water damage to the kitchen ceiling.


The Puritans’ malignant legacy

On Oct. 13, 1675, the fifth month of a war between a coalition of Native American tribes and New England’s English settlers, the Massachusetts Council ordered the roundup and incarceration on Deer Island in Boston Harbor of 500 Native people who had been converted to Christianity decades before and who lived in the five so-called Praying Towns of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Half of those taken prisoner are thought to have died of exposure or disease, while others were kidnapped and sold into slavery. 

Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 12-7-17

Religious Right should support the poor

It is a continuing conundrum in U.S. politics that many of the so-called conservative Religious Right consistently back practically every Trump/GOP attempt to deny even the most basic needs and services for less wealthy Americans.

Collections are an important museum asset

Small community museums exist in a tentative world, their collection expansions inhibited by strong competition, their display innovations curbed by lack of funding, their visitation challenged increasingly by digital distractions.

The Holley-Williams House in Lakeville — which inexplicably on Yelp and a dozen other internet travel sources is listed as alive and open to the public — was decommissioned and sold in 2010 as the Salisbury Association struggled to staff and maintain the facility.

Bill Clinton made Donald Trump president

As the roster of celebrated sexual harassers grows, one man has more to answer for the damage his acts of sexual depredation have done to this country than any other. 

We’re not talking about the alleged child abuser Roy Moore, or the Hollywood lecher Harvey Weinstein. Not Bill O’Reilly or Charlie Rose or Kevin Spacey or Al Franken. Not even the president we have on tape boasting about how he could sexually abuse anyone he wished because that’s what a star like him can do.

It’s Bill Clinton.