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Supporting our most vulnerable citizens: young children

This week, April 24 to 28, is the national Week of the Young Child, which is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to draw attention to the needs of young children and their families across the country. 

Finito la comedia

Anyone who has a slight appreciation toward circus, vaudeville or slapstick should have loved Trump. I did. From the moment he announced his intention to run as the president of the United States of America, shall we say, he was sort of enjoyable? 

There was something nutty about his behavior, that he appeared to be a gold mine for satirists searching for fresh material. Oh, just watching his expressions was priceless, the way he moved his mouth sideways, the way he rolled his eyes and the way he pulled his hair back. Oh, yes, the hair. 

Malloy still has strength and time to slow state’s long fall

Announcing so far ahead of the next election that he will not seek a third term, Governor Malloy risks losing influence with the General Assembly, which has only begun the first of its two sessions remaining during his term. 

But even as a “lame duck” the governor can preserve his influence if he is willing to use or threaten to use his veto more aggressively. And by forswearing re-election, he has given himself more freedom to do things that strike him as impolitic but right or necessary.

Wide open race for dubious prize: governor

It’s probably just a coincidence that Dan Malloy announced he would not seek reelection the day after a national survey determined he had the third-worst approval rating of all 50 governors and was the least popular Democratic governor in the United States.

The governor said his low approval rating wasn’t a factor and that he had never been afraid of taking unpopular stands, and we’ll take him at his word. 

Fine Print

The time is now to give health care reform a second, better look

I am a fool. I actually believe that governance should be tilted toward the benefit of those in need. 

My biggest financial worry in life is that the ATM at my bank is outside in the weather. It might rain or snow. But people less fortunate than I, financially, don’t have to worry about the ATM. They don’t need one because they have no money in the bank. 

An open letter to our legislators

Dear members of the U.S. Congress:

Would it be an imposition on all of you to ask that you read this letter I have written? I’m not calling out names or parties or affiliations or gender. I’m not mad at anyone, although my blood boils when I hear about mistreatment happening to those who are sick, poor or mentally ill. It reflects on the society I am so much a part of. It demeans me, and you, when suffering occurs as a choice made by one person (or group) onto another who is weaker or vulnerable.

Defund Planned Parenthood

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — April 1917

SALISBURY — Jacob Fitting is entertaining his brother for a few days.

LAKEVILLE — Leslie Dufour, while still quite ill with inflammatory rheumatism, is gradually improving. 

LIME ROCK — Robert Humes has resigned his position with Mr. Frost and accepted one at Mr. Scoville’s in Chapinville.

LAKEVILLE — A.B. Hall is driving a handsome new Hudson six touring car.

TACONIC — Mr. and Mrs. Topping are rejoicing over the arrival of a little son.

The tax loophole financial solution

Part 2 of 2