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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — January 1919

LAKEVILLE — The lake closed up for the first time this year on Saturday night.


SALISBURY — Miss Priscilla Goddard has gone to Waterbury to take up canteen work.


LAKEVILLE — The flag in the Park has been at half mast owing to the death of Former President Roosevelt.


LIME ROCK — Francis Dean, seven-year-old son of M. Dean, broke his leg Monday morning while sliding.


Looking back and forward in NW Corner towns

With the new year comes a re-evaluation of where we are, where we have been and what might be coming. It is never simple to take on the endlessly popular new year’s resolutions, yet we all seem to try to do it. Each time we do, it means looking back at what went well or not so well in the previous year. Let’s look at some of our Northwest Corner towns and see what was significant for each of them. It could give us a clue about what to expect in 2019.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 1-3-19

What next for the Trump White House?

I didn’t think the Trump presidency could get any worse until he publicly said he would stand by the Saudi Arabian prince responsible for the vicious murder of Jamal Khashoggi. In spite of the United States intelligence report clearly stating this fact, President Donald Trump chooses to stand with the Saudis as long as there is a money-making deal involved.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1919

LIME ROCK — Miss Yerkes has resigned her position as teacher in the school.


Goldwyn Pictures are now beginning their second year and are shown in the most exclusive houses of the country. Goldwyn releases but one picture a week and the entire organization is directed on making that picture the best it is possible to produce.


Happy New Year, possibly?

Happy 2019, but don’t count on it.

Don’t count on the new year being an especially happy one because it’s the year before a presidential election year. Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished in an election year and next to nothing is accomplished in the year before. 

That doesn’t mean the year won’t be eventful. Donald Trump’s many problems may be resolved and there are signs the resolutions will not be happy ones for the president.

They could lead to his impeachment, his resignation or his reelection.

The joys of learning to be a hospice volunteer

Hospice teams accompanied my mother, an aunt and uncle, and both my husband’s parents during their last months, keeping them pain-free and comfortable, which helped them focus on relationships with family and die in dignity and peace. Although these family members lived in Virginia, Ohio and California, and hospice is a locally run organization, in every case the hospice philosophy of working with both the patients and their loved ones was as evident as was the quiet dedication and care of its professionals and volunteers.

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