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Clinton’s hyper-intelligent people couldn’t play the game of politics

It was the analytics, stupid.

To paraphrase the Bill Clinton 1992 campaign mantra reminding his staff to keep focused on the economy, in Hillary’s campaign, the focus was on the analytics, with quite a different result. 

Not Steroids

‘Happening now … Breaking news!!!’

CNN uses those exact words every day to open its super-hyped news and opinion show, “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Too bad the words have lost all meaning except to gullible consumers who are habitually beguiled by fake tabloid headlines such as “Bigfoot Found on Mt. Riga.” Well, that one might be true.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1917

SALISBURY — Charles Weising has been suffering from Pleurisy, but is improving.


TACONIC — Wm. MacElroy of Bridgeport enlisted in the ambulance corps of the National Guard, and has been visiting his sister, Mrs. W. Robinson.


CANAAN — Miss Fannie Kasson is caring for Mrs. C.W. Camp, whose condition is improving.


Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 6-1-17

Rescue was Herculean

I am writing to extend my thanks and eternal gratitude to the heroes and heroines of Cornwall’s EMT and Rescue Squad.

I was sick in March with what I initially thought was a stomach bug. After six days it became apparent to me that that was not the case. It was the day after the March blizzard and I had not been able to contact the person who plows my driveway. I called 911 anyway and told them I was waiting for my driveway to be plowed and then would need transport to the hospital.

Out of division, some unity

We citizens of the United States thought we were divided last year at this time, as we came together to honor those who fell in the service of their country during Memorial Day ceremonies. It would have been difficult to foresee then that we could become even more divided, yet here we are.

New President

Global warming deniers and the ‘global left’ believers

In his June 2015 encyclical, “Laudato Si,” Pope Francis described global warming as a major threat to life on Earth. 

Optimal healthcare in a post-Trump world: The answer is ‘Medicare for all’

Part 2


The Medicare-for-all proposal takes advantage of the existing mechanism of Medicare as the central gatekeeper to control the current skyrocketing of U.S. costs and prices for insurance premiums, deductibles, health services and pharmaceuticals, which are the Achilles heel of the ACA, also known as Obamacare.

The current escalating cost/price situation under the ACA results from decades of GOP opposition to any form of price regulation, all in the name of freedom to fix and raise costs, prices and profits. 

Writing about politics when the stories keep on changing

Writing a weekly column often devoted to national politics when the story line changes every half hour can be something of a challenge. 

There was the sharing of intelligence with the Russians as TASS photographers recorded the event closed to the American press. 

Or the allegation that the former FBI chief has notes indicating President Trump tried to get him to walk away from investigating Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia and therefore, what Flynn — and Putin — may have on Trump.