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Time for binding up the nation’s wounds

One thing is abundantly clear after the election. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are exactly the same — except that they are completely different.

That is, they are both really, really bad, but in different ways.

Trump was so erratic and ignorant during the campaign that no sane person could have voted for him. Hillary was so smug and evasive that no sane person could have voted for her either. Did you?

America first: Great and dreadful inaugural addresses over the centuries

It’s been a week since Donald Trump made what the eminent conservative columnist George Will called “the most dreadful inaugural address in history.” 

It was easily the most awful in my memory, but it prompted me to wonder about the competition. What other presidents have made truly terrible inaugural addresses or, conversely, how many have made great, memorable speeches to launch their presidencies?

Turning back the pages 1-26-17

100 years ago — January 1917

SALISBURY — Mrs. Cora Pulver, who has been for a number of months assisting in the care of her niece, Mrs. Millard Tallerday at Torrington, has returned to Salisbury.


CANAAN — Hiram Bartlett is ill at his sister’s, Mrs. Maurice Paviol.


LIME ROCK — W. Boardman spent Sunday with his parents in Sheffield.


Letters to the Editor 1-26-17

Magic wand: Skepticism on global warming

 As a physicist, I am frequently asked about global warming and climate change. Global warming has been on again, and off again, for the last 160 years coming out of the Little Ice Age. The increase in temperature has been largely beneficial allowing for greater food production and more livable land.


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Be alert to your constitutional rights

As Americans watched a new president take the oath of office last week, thoughts about the rights and freedoms that transitioned along with the administration are inevitable. Will President Trump work to protect First Amendment rights, for instance, as most of those presidents who came before him have done? Or will he work to whittle away at them, to the benefit of those in power? 

Culture: What’s in store for us?

Part 2 of 2


Anthropologists have conducted thousands of studies of the great apes, concluding that they are inventive and have traits akin to memory behavior (how to peel fruit for example). But they cannot imitate each other; they do not understand the benefit of sharing, unless trained to do so in human environments (zoos and research labs). In the wild, the great apes cannot innovate or imitate. 

Being thankful

One morning, like any other, in December, I was lulled awake by my clock radio and my favorite public station. I took my time, as I had taken the day off, and enjoyed the warmth and comfort of my beautiful bed with a great mattress, clean sheets, and fluffy comforter. I got up, used my indoor plumbing, and made hot tea, with sugar and fresh milk, and I climbed back in bed and watched my favorite morning show on TV. When my dog finally woke up, we took a walk outside through the beautiful lawns and gardens of the six acres where I live.

We’ve elected the last of the draft-ducking presidents

Next Friday, Jan. 27, is the forty-fourth anniversary of the day the United States stopped drafting young men into the armed forces. It happened one week after the second inauguration of Richard Nixon, the Navy veteran/president who ended the draft. 

The anniversary comes one week after the inauguration of Donald Trump, probably the last of three presidents who managed, one way or another, to avoid the draft.

Letters to the Editor 1-19-17

Lime Rock Park’s far-reaching benefits

Does it seem right that a decision should be made by only a few, which could affect many? Some residents may think they live in their own bubble, but in reality, community members need to support each other. All of the towns in the Northwest Corner would benefit from more race Sundays at Lime Rock Park. The revenue generated by tourists and racers benefits businesses along Route 7 from Norwalk to Stockbridge and along Route 44 as well.