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Community unity while remembering the fallen

The Tri-state area is home to many commemorations that happen here annually for Memorial Day. For years, the day’s ceremonies have been planned carefully by groups of veterans and citizens in each town who care deeply about the sacrifices made by their neighbors who gave their all in the service of their country. 

Legislators thrilled to avoid doing what Connecticut needs

Concluding the 2018 session of the General Assembly on May 9, legislators congratulated themselves on a bipartisan budget that bequeaths mammoth deficits to themselves and the new governor next year. This was no great service to a state that badly needs structural changes to its operations, but legislators could have considered it a triumph for themselves, as it postponed those tough decisions beyond the November election. No wonder they were giddy about it.

Presidential powers, missile strikes and sanctions: Evolution of thinking in the world of Donald Trump

Part 1

In 1787, as we all know, the framers of the U.S. Constitution declared that “The President shall be Commander-in-Chief” of our military, and “Congress shall have (sole) power to declare war.”  Unfortunately, the framers failed to anticipate future U.S. missile strikes to punish a foreign country or rogue regime, such as Assad’s Syria.

Ticket balancing, now diversity

The ancient and sometimes honorable practice of ticket balancing appears to be returning to the Connecticut political scene.  It never completely went away, but as various religious and ethnic groups prospered and no longer demanded representation on every gubernatorial ticket, it subsided for a time.

The look

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 5-24-18

Thanks for support of Keri Perotti tournament

The weekend of May 5 was the Sixth Annual Keri Perotti Memorial Scholarship Softball Tournament. We cannot thank Renee Boardman, Alyssa Riley and Jackie Underwood enough for the countless number of hours they spent planning, preparing and organizing such a large event. This year, 10 teams participated and a wonderful time was had by all! 

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — May 1918

SALISBURY — Roy Van Deusen has taken Joel Carpenter’s place at the station.


Miss Ann Walmsley, who taught in Lakeville at the Taconic School 1911 to 1913, is with the Wellesley Unit in France who are caring for French soldiers returned from German prison camps.


SALISBURY — A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sherwood at the Sharon Hospital on Monday. A cablegram was received Monday announcing Sgt. Sherwood’s safe arrival in France.

Sully vs. regular drivers

This year, I attended several traffic safety conferences where the resident experts stated that behaviorism, where drivers, individually or collectively, might prevent their own or others’ highway mayhem, does not work. They showed crash data to demonstrate that highway drivers are error prone and cannot be depended upon for highway safety, and that computer-automated systems should completely replace intrinsic human inabilities. 

Next step at Region One

Now that the dust has settled after the Region One budget vote, it’s time to look at the underlying issues that are not going away simply because the towns have accepted the numbers. There was a reasonably good turnout, 1,184 voters, with three of the towns saying “yes” and three of the towns saying “no.” The referendum passed by 84 votes, or 54 percent (See Patrick Sullivan’s article last week.)