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An introduction to a series

We live in an age of arrogance. By “we,” I primarily mean Americans, but the cultural condition also troubles most of the middle class and wealthier citizens of the highly developed countries.

The extent of arrogance in our society is impossible to measure. However, what seems like a significant fraction of the population, today — a larger fraction than in former eras — behaves in ways that are overly boastful of themselves and overly dismissive of other humans.   

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — April 1917

LIME ROCK — Charles McBride is ill with tonsillitis.

TACONIC — Mr. Ernest Rebillard’s arm is improving and he is able to use it some now.

SALISBURY — Mrs. Grace Baldwin and Mrs. Lois Van Deusen spent Wednesday in Hartford.

LAKEVILLE — Andrew Neville, who is taking a course in electrical work in New York, spent Sunday with his parents.

FALLS VILLAGE — The Home Guard has begun drilling under Walter King Stone.

Drones are the next multi-tool, with many varied uses

From the Super Bowl to saving lives, drones are seemingly limitless. If you watched the Super Bowl, then you saw the halftime show where Intel revealed the logo in the sky with an array of drones lighting up the words. That was to announce that their company was entering the drone industry. 

What makes drones so important that Intel wants in? Well, it is that they have an incredible number of uses. From saving lives to capturing moments (and perps and Italian tax cheats), drones can seemingly do anything.

To have, or not to have, a hospital?

That was the theme of the four-and-a-half hour public hearing held April 5 at the Sharon Town Hall. 

There, representatives from Connecticut’s Office of Health Care Access (OHCA) came to hear from area residents and interested parties about their opinions on the sale of Sharon Hospital to Health Quest (see the article by Cynthia Hochswender on Page A1.) 

Pants on Fire

Looking away from the elephant for a moment

This is not a column about the elephant in the state Capitol, the pachyderm-sized hole in the budget. Instead, it is about something more hopeful.

Running around the Capitol, in the shadow of the elephant, are opportunities for reform that will allow more people to work and thrive in Connecticut. Let’s hope they don’t get squished.

Connecticut has too much red tape, and this year lawmakers from both parties are taking action to cut it.

You can’t believe a thing he says

As we near the meaningless hundred-day milestone in the presidency of Donald J. Trump, here are a few things we know and don’t know about the new president:

You can’t believe a thing he says. This is the president’s major problem. He lies constantly, unhesitatingly and shamelessly, raising doubts even when he tells the truth. 

Trump and his minions are wrong about Guantanamo

During his campaign, Donald Trump infamously promised to “load [Guantanamo] up with some bad dudes.” I say “infamously,” since the impulsive and notoriously ill-informed Trump clearly failed to realize what a dumb idea that was, and that even former President George W. Bush — once my choice for our worst president — in his memoir concluded that “the detention facility had become a propaganda tool for our enemies and a distraction for our allies.” 

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 4-6-17

Transfer station should have scale for bulky waste

As a lifelong resident of Sharon and a former employee at the Salisbury-Sharon transfer station, I would like to present two specific solutions that would bring down the cost of the transfer station to the taxpayers of both Sharon and Lakeville. At a time when costs are rising in every area of government, this is one area where costs can actually decline if managed properly, I believe.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — April 1917

SALISBURY — Fred Seeley is building a new garage.

TACONIC — Helen Harding fell last Friday severely injuring her shoulder.

LIME ROCK — Andrew Humes moved his family to Chapinville this week.

LAKEVILLE — Abraham Martin is still confined to the house owing to an abcess.

TACONIC — Mr. Rood has opened his store at the McElroy place.

CANAAN — Joseph Cahill has moved from Frank Holt’s farm to East Canaan.