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Executive road service

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago —1918

SALISBURY — Miss Helen Eggleston is home from her duties at Connecticut Western News, Canaan, owing to illness.


The weather of the past two weeks has been delightful and are what the old timers would term Indian Summer.


SALISBURY — Stanley Sherwood of Torrington is spending a few days at his home here.


Questions, questions, where are the answers?

In an oft-reported exchange between Gertrude Stein, an American widely known for her wisdom and glittering 1920s Parisian literary salon, and one of her earnest admirers, the admirer asked her: “What are the answers, Madame Stein?” She replied, “What are the questions?”

Within our media/political/corporate culture of self-censorship and taboo topics, we should restate Ms. Stein’s rejoinder — what are the questions of gravity and relevance that are chronically unasked?

The wider picture: What about Russia?

In 2016, more than a million Middle Eastern refugees went to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey and another million migrated to the European Union, half of them to Germany. While the annual number of refugees arriving the past two years has declined,  Europe is still choked with more newcomers than it can manage resulting in ominous social and political disruption. 

Extreme Baseball

Democratic US House might open some windows

If, as anticipated, the Democrats gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, that body’s tax writing Ways and Means Committee — frequently known as “the powerful” Ways and Means Committee — may want to start the new year with hearings on how it’s possible to take tax deductions for expensive properties you didn’t even pay for.  

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 10-25-18

Questionable advertising in representative race

I’ve been puzzled recently by the sweeping claims in the Brian Ohler lawn signs:  

Too Rich

The right tone for responsible governing

The levels of political connectedness today vary greatly. There are large rallies for the president that draw lots of people who are very vocal and engaged; yet there are also those who relate to whatever is happening in the government only through social media, with the opinions of those on any stream of thought becoming their reality. But there has also been a resurgence in activism, with the young and the not-so-young finding their voices on many issues of critical importance in our society.