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Thanking the thankless, for a change

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did it, his people and the world loved him for it. When Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy did it, his popularity just fell more in his state. 

That is, many constituents did not applaud Malloy’s willingness to accept Syrian refugees into Connecticut when they were turned away from Indiana in the fearful aftermath of the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. At least he was chosen, in 2016, to receive a well-deserved John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award for it. 

Enough hours in a day

Whether it’s Daylight Saving Time or Eastern Standard Time or lunchtime, there are 24 hours in a day.
Or so I thought, until I did a little research. 
Today, April 20, is 24 hours and 0.000014569 seconds (or 1.4569 milliseconds) long. The day before was 24 hours and 1.3984 ms. The shortest rotation in 2017 will be July 8: 24 hours, 0.09 ms. The longest was March 29, 24 hours, 2 ms.
This is a solar day. It’s the amount of time it takes the sun to make its sky circuit and return to its starting point. 

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To make the story short...

Yes, I am wide awake. I’ve been awake for quite some time. No worries though. Really. 

I guess I am just too excited about all that’s going on in today’s world. Don’t even know where to start. Trying to figure things out. It’s not easy. 


Balancing power in a hall of mirrors

Are we in a chamber of mirrors? Trump firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syrian aircraft bunkers is very reminiscent of Clinton’s ‘Operation Infinite Reach,’ wherein he similarly launched cruise missiles at several targets in retaliation for the bombings of American embassies in Africa. 

One act is Republican and the other Democratic, but the similarity is undeniable, and the list of similar action is long.

Highest courts are really about political power, not the law

Democrats and Republicans in the Senate did what they had to do last week with President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Republicans had to force Gorsuch through, even at the cost of repealing the Senate’s rule favoring bipartisanship with important presidential nominations, and Democrats had to oppose him, though he was well qualified. 

Connecticut has a real income tax, but a fake spending cap

This summer, Connecticut will celebrate — or maybe “observe” is the better verb — the 25th anniversary of the state income tax.

And in November, we’ll be marking the 24th anniversary of the amendment to the state Constitution that was designed to make everyone feel better about the income tax — the state spending cap.

The income tax was real, but the spending cap turned out to be a fake.

Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 4-13-17

Childish buffoon

Joint press conferences with heads of state

Shows that he cannot equate

He always looks so out of place

With childish attitude and eyes in space

No respect does he earn

For number 44, I do yearn

Now he sides with O’Reilly and Ailes

They should be put in special jails

I hope the country comes to its senses soon

And rids itself of this buffoon. 

Michael C. Kahler


An introduction to a series

We live in an age of arrogance. By “we,” I primarily mean Americans, but the cultural condition also troubles most of the middle class and wealthier citizens of the highly developed countries.

The extent of arrogance in our society is impossible to measure. However, what seems like a significant fraction of the population, today — a larger fraction than in former eras — behaves in ways that are overly boastful of themselves and overly dismissive of other humans.