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Could CT have a third-party governor?

Could Connecticut become the Land of Oz in 2018?  

That’s Oz as in R. Nelson “Oz” Griebel, the latest in a long line of candidates for governor.  Never heard of him? That’s no problem. We’ve never heard of most of the candidates for that open position and aren’t terribly excited about those we’ve heard of.

The corporate drive to eliminate buying with cash

Over a decade ago, the clerk at the FedEx counter said to one of our interns, “Sorry, we’re not taking cash or checks, only credit cards.”

Since then, the relentless intensification of coercive commercialism has been moving toward a cashless economy, where all consumers are incarcerated within a prison of corporate payment systems from your credit/debit cards to your mobile phone and very soon facial recognition.

“Terrific!” say those consumers for whom convenience and velocity of transactions are irresistible.

Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 1-11-18

Drones are in the Northwest Corner skies

A recent article in The Lake-ville Journal describes drone flights over one of our neighbors, Mr. Len Stewart, while he was working in his yard.

This is not unusual in our community. During the summer, aerial photographs were taken of my house and yard while landscaping and repair activity was underway. A neighbor circulated these pictures to others in the community, along with a narrative speculating as to what I was doing. Clearly this is an invasion of privacy, bordering on criminal trespass.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years — January 1918

SALISBURY — The ship on which the Rev. C.B. Carpenter was to have sailed for France was delayed by lack of coal, and did not sail on the date intended.


LIME ROCK — George R. Belcher Jr. was home from Camp Dix, N.J. Saturday night and Sunday. George is looking fine and says camp life is all right.


SALISBURY — The Town Hall and G.H. Clark’s store are being wired for electricity.



Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 1-4-18

The role of appeasement in US and European history

In “An Audacious Assessment of Trump’s Place in History” (New York Times, Dec. 28, 2017) Maggie Astor reports on former governor Mike Huckabee’s provocative claim that President Donald Trump bears resemblance to Winston Churchill, as portrayed in the film, “Darkest Hour.”

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1918

SALISBURY — George Barton has purchased the Salisbury Market of Kingsley & Wright and is now conducting it himself.


CANAAN — J.S. Perkins’ house is being wired for electricity.


TACONIC — Miss Lois and Miss Mollie Scoville were in town last week.


SALISBURY — Mrs. A.L. Dickinson and daughter Elizabeth are boarding  at Mrs. Price’s.


Time to develop an appreciation for our town centers

As winter and the new year settle in, and the afterglow of the holiday season has become a distant memory, it’s a very good time to look close to home for some respite during the cold months ahead. In the Northwest Corner, and in our bordering states, there are town centers that are vibrant and have grown and changed over the past year. Take the time now to visit them and connect with your neighbors all around the region.