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Black bears are here to stay

There are many misconceptions lingering throughout the Northwest Corner about the appearance of black bears. It is obvious that the population of the species has significantly increased within the last several years. I will explain why the population is increasing, the history of black bears, the importance of the species in our ecosystem and solutions for the increased interactions with humans.

North and South: Winsted’s Union statue has Confederate brothers-in-zinc

There’s a statue on the Winsted Green, in East End Park, of a Civil War soldier who looks exactly like statues of Union soldiers in dozens of other northern towns. He also looks exactly like statues of Confederate soldiers guarding the town squares and courthouses in dozens of southern towns.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 8-31-17

Safety is key with personal care products

My mother was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 52 years old. She needed to use a strong sunscreen. Every lotion she tried, she broke out into an inflamed rash.

Men, women, and children are all exposed to ingredients in personal care products every day, such as toothpaste, body wash, baby shampoo, cosmetics or deodorants. These products are not regulated, and the manufacturers do not have to list their ingredients or test the product for safety.

Personalized Wall

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — August 1917

SALISBURY — Wm. Lamson was taken to the Hartford Hospital on Monday for an operation for appendicitis.

TACONIC — William Brayen finds it necessary to harvest his crop of ensilage due to the hot and dry weather which makes pasturage rather short.

SALISBURY — Messrs. Samuel Whitbeck and Paul Parsons motored to Hartford last Thursday.

LAKEVILLE — Richard K. Miles of Arlington, Vt., has been home to visit his mother and sister.

The language of love: childhood is a precious time

A couple of weeks ago, I met one of the Syrian refugee families who have recently settled in Litchfield County. I wasn’t surprised that the children, who have been attending a local elementary school, could chatter in English and were already indistinguishable from attractive and playful American children. 

Farewell to The Winsted Journal, and welcome to The Lakeville Journal

Last week, Aug. 25, was the final one for The Lakeville Journal’s sister newspaper, The Winsted Journal, which this company has published since 1996. The Winsted newspaper never had a shortage of topics, with an active community that values its traditions and has faced daunting challenges over the past decades. 

Kommander in Khief

From the Region One Superintendent’s Desk: The roles of leadership at Region One schools

Over the years, even recently, there have been questions about the leadership roles in Region One. What is the role of the central office? How does that compare with the role of the principal?

It’s important to know that the role and responsibilities of both positions have changed significantly over the years. The No Child Left Behind Act (2001) put focus on each and every student’s learning. Prior to this legislation, there was far less focus on monitoring each student’s learning. 

The Doggerland-Foggy Bottom connection

In September 1931, while fishing off the Norfolk coast, Pilgrim Lockwood, skipper of a British fishing trawler, hauled up a net from the sea bed which, beneath the thrashing cod, held what proved to be a key to the ancient past of the North Sea. It was a chunk of dark brown peat, within which was lodged the barbed tip of a harpoon carved from a red deer antler.