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Will Democrats nominate a candidate who will scare voters?

“Only Democrats can save this president. They can do so by nominating someone loopy enough to panic voters who are asking only for someone cheerful, intelligent and tethered to reality.”


These 30 words, written last week by George Will, should get the attention of those who want to see the reign of Donald Trump limited to a single term. To do it, the Democrats must nominate someone very different from the incumbent. 


Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — February 1919

CANAAN — Howard Judson, seven years old, was taken to the county hospital in Winsted Monday suffering with severe burns on his arms and chest received Friday while stamping out a bonfire.


LAKEVILLE — William Heffernan has given up his position as R.F.D. carrier and has taken the position formerly occupied by Eli Van Valkenburg in charge of the Lakeville sewer system. Ward Finkle is the new R.F.D. carrier.


What exactly is Defense?

Letter to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal – 2-7-19

False understanding or lies?

In response to Mark Godburn’s column of Jan. 17, I have to ask:

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — February 1919

Harrison School has closed owing to the Influenza epidemic.


Sunday — Candlemas Day was clear and according to the groundhog that means six weeks more of winter.


TACONIC — Miss Annie Angus is the recipient of a box of grape fruit sent by her brother Alec from Miami, Florida.


LIME ROCK — Mr. Frost has purchased a new grey team from A. Martin, Lakeville.


The importance of recycling beverage containers

“Pepsi-Cola hits the spot, twelve full ounces that’s a lot, 

twice as much for a nickel too, Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you.” 


This little jingle from the1930s sounds quaint today. As recently as the 1950s, Pepsi, Coke and other carbonated soft drinks typically sold in grocery stores and coin-operated vending machines for just 5 cents; if you returned the bottle, and most people did, you would get 2 cents back, meaning your drink itself cost only three cents!