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A plan to fulfill the American dream


At several political events recently in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut some participants have called for a clear, concise statement of desired reforms, in effect a Democratic platform to fulfill the American dream, with the focus on jobs, not cuts in programs that benefit the American people.

There’s a surplus?

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

Plan for the worst, hope for the best: It’s what most area boards and financial departments have been doing with their budgets this year. Cutting, carving out savings wherever they can and not stopping until there is no more they believe they can do.

This approach has stood Region One Business Manager Sam Herrick in good stead. Rather than having to come back to the Region One school board with bad news, Herrick was able to come back with some very good news about additional savings, as reported in last week’s Lakeville Journal by Patrick Sullivan.

Turning Back The Pages 9-22

75 years ago — September 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): A couple of daring aviators and a beautiful English lady have crossed the Atlantic in non-stop flights — so what.

SALISBURY — Miss Mildred Coons has resumed her duties at the Salisbury Pharmacy after her illness.

Letters to the Editor September 22

Letter To The Editor - Lakeville Journal

Churches have a lot to offer
I am writing to invite the community to include church in their busy lives this fall. As students go back to school and activity schedules are set, don’t forget that area churches offer a variety of education programs for children of all ages, as well as adult study and prayer groups. Sunday morning worship provides a great opportunity for family time, as well as a context for important discussions about values and beliefs.

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Is bioengineering leading to ‘genetic pollution?’


Dear EarthTalk: What is “genetic pollution” as it pertains to the bioengineering of animals, fish and plants, and what happens if they cross breed with their wild cousins?

R. Ahearn

Rome, N.Y.

Genetically modified organisms are those that have been altered by scientists to include genes from other organisms (known as transgenes) that may impart specific benefits.

Black trumpets

Nature's Notebook

I was walking in the rain on an old woods road in Kent when I came upon a trove of one of my favorite edible mushrooms. This was the delectable black trumpet chanterelle, a complex of edible mushrooms with a wide distribution.

Taxonomists recognize Craterellus fallax as the black trumpet variety of eastern deciduous woodlands, and indeed the fruiting bodies of these fungi look like dark horns of plenty with fluted cups.

Lacking gill clusters on their undersides, they have a fragrant aroma and as an added advantage have no poisonous look-alikes.

Just fill out these papers

Editorial Cartoon

Is a state development bank right for Connecticut?


Part 2 of 2


What’s the development bank secret? The answer: Regulated government service salaries. No fat cat bonuses. No kick-backs. No self-dealing. No double dipping. No excessive risk taking. No gambling with other people’s money. No bundled mortgages. No derivatives. No credit default swaps. No currency speculation. No short-selling. Yes, transparent accounting. Yes, profits are returned to equity.

How much fighting can we take?

If You Ask Me

When House Speaker Christopher Donovan visited several 5th District towns last week to announce he was running for Congress, you could say he came out fighting.

“Chris Murphy fought for the people of this district. And now that he is running for Senate, we need someone to represent us who will fight for us like Chris did. Not fight for the banks, not fight for the insurance companies, not fight for the Wall Street fat cats, but someone to fight for Main Street. And someone who has fought for you and with you for years — and won.”

How much has 9/11 cost us?

The Independent Investor

Picture an entire fleet of brand new Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, chock full of the latest stealth aircraft that money can buy, then double it. That’s about the size of the dollar and cents differences one finds in trying to estimate the costs of 9/11. Just how large is the range?