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Going Green

Editorial Cartoon

The Tea Party members: Who are they?

A View From the Edge

Part 2 of 2

The Tea Party is a determined opposition to all the current political parties. Its members are a focused, articulate, outspoken and fervent community of well-connected like-believers. And these are hardly the attributes of a lunatic fringe as portions of the media portray them.

We need an armistice in the War on Drugs

Body Politic

Here’s a war

We’ll never win;

Cops aren’t good

At ending sin.

Repealing Prohibition was easy by comparison. Pressure from “nice” people who wanted to drink legally again was overwhelming. Plus the liquor racketeers were just getting too involved in everyday life. The moral revolution that had originally fueled the crusade against alcohol flagged, and life returned to normal.

Perpetual motion machine entices Connecticut again

The Chris Powell Column

Maybe state government’s investment in Gov. Malloy’s Jackson Laboratory project in Farmington — $345 million, 44 percent of it bonding interest — will pay off eventually. But it will have to spur a lot more development to bring the subsidy to Jackson below the breathtaking level of a million dollars per job, a mere 300 jobs after 10 years.

There is no hard evidence that this can be done, just supposition and hope. As state Rep. Arthur O’Neill, R-Southbury, noted in debate in the state House of Representatives, “Hope is not a strategy.”

There when you need them

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

There’s a paradox to civic service: By its very nature, it can be simultaneously rewarding and frustrating. Rewarding, in that one can feel the real possibility of making a difference to the quality of life in one’s own community; frustrating in that barriers to accomplishing goals for the betterment of that same community arise at, it can sometimes seem, every turn.

Letters to the Editor - November 3

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

Totally Shocked in Sharon

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Halloween Masks

Editorial Cartoon

Republican choice: Romney

If You Ask Me

With voter enthusiasm for Barack Obama a fading memory, an anxious nation had better hope Republicans get behind their most acceptable — or least objectionable — choice, which brings us to Mitt Romney.

It brings us to Romney because Jon Huntsman, the other respectable candidate, didn’t have a chance in this year of hysteria on the right. This leaves Romney as the only choice in a Republican lineup that is the equivalent of the Democrats producing a field composed of Obama and six copies of Dennis Kucinich.

The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street: mass movements?

The Long View

Are the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street mass movements? Eric Hoffer, the “longshoreman philosopher” of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, would have judged them so, because of what they are doing for their followers. On Dec.13, 1946, this never-schooled dockworker and former agricultural migrant worker, writing in his notebook, summed up his thinking about mass movements and their “true believers.” Asking himself what a mass movement does for its followers, he answered:

Get a political program and Occupy Main Street

The Chris Powell Column

Journalism seems to be as much in love with the Occupy Wall Street protesters as it has been in hate with the Tea Party protesters. But while both groups sense that the country is halfway down the toilet and picking up speed, at least the Tea Party people have recognized that the country still has a political process and that President Obama is in large part responsible for the country’s decline. That is, the Tea Party people have offered some policy prescriptions, right or wrong, and have helped to elect like-minded people to office.