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Republican choice: Romney

If You Ask Me

With voter enthusiasm for Barack Obama a fading memory, an anxious nation had better hope Republicans get behind their most acceptable — or least objectionable — choice, which brings us to Mitt Romney.

It brings us to Romney because Jon Huntsman, the other respectable candidate, didn’t have a chance in this year of hysteria on the right. This leaves Romney as the only choice in a Republican lineup that is the equivalent of the Democrats producing a field composed of Obama and six copies of Dennis Kucinich.

The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street: mass movements?

The Long View

Are the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street mass movements? Eric Hoffer, the “longshoreman philosopher” of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, would have judged them so, because of what they are doing for their followers. On Dec.13, 1946, this never-schooled dockworker and former agricultural migrant worker, writing in his notebook, summed up his thinking about mass movements and their “true believers.” Asking himself what a mass movement does for its followers, he answered:

Get a political program and Occupy Main Street

The Chris Powell Column

Journalism seems to be as much in love with the Occupy Wall Street protesters as it has been in hate with the Tea Party protesters. But while both groups sense that the country is halfway down the toilet and picking up speed, at least the Tea Party people have recognized that the country still has a political process and that President Obama is in large part responsible for the country’s decline. That is, the Tea Party people have offered some policy prescriptions, right or wrong, and have helped to elect like-minded people to office.

Who are the Tea Party members?

A View From the Edge

Part 1 of 2

Tea Party members were once, mostly, faithful Republican Party members. They felt, increasingly, that the way of life they had become accustomed to was under threat, economic and cultural.

They became filled with a sense of governmental injustice against fellow citizens, the loss of the U.S. manufacturing base, increased involvement in free trade spending, the loss of U.S. jobs, a dwindling sense of respect among the young and the creeping spread of everything politically correct, all of which they believed was happening without the people’s consent.

Turning Back The Pages 10-27

75 years ago — October 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Remember the old torch light parades of years ago. They might have been foolish but they furnished lots of fun and excitement. The parades of today are usually lighted by automobile headlights which are not half so romantic and thrilling as the old oil torch on a stick used to be. “Them was the happy days” — and all said and done they were American days with no taint of radicalism and communism.

Trick or Treat

Editorial Cartoon

Our endorsements

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

Local elections are different from statewide or national ones, or at least they ought to be. The partisanship that reigns in the wider elections should find some respite at the municipal level. In small towns such as those of the Northwest Corner, candidates are often known personally by many voters, who are also their neighbors. So one might hope that political lines would be more lightly drawn during these elections.

Letters to the Editor - October 27

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

Salisbury choices obvious

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Seeking stillness

Nature's Notebook

I was up before dawn on a cool autumn morning to listen to silence. The air was still and sounds carried from far beyond my range of sight. I heard a crow calling high in the pines, and a loon somewhere out on the water. I heard dry leaves landing, and an engine, far away.

Political Consultant

Editorial Cartoon