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All you need to know about Medicare

More of us are signing up for Medicare every day. And as with Social Security, there are plenty of unanswered questions for those of us who are beginning the process. There are plenty of places to seek answers, but how to separate facts from sales pitches from health insurance brokers is part of the problem. Here is a primer that may help you navigate these muddy waters.

We’re running out of sins to tax in Conn.

Over the years, sin has been very profitable for the State of Connecticut, especially the varieties that attract large numbers of sinners. But we may be running low on sins suitable for taxation.

The wages of sin that come to the state’s coffers range from the traditional sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol to the more modern sources of sinful revenue provided by the legalization of lotteries, casinos, off-track betting parlors, charitable games and even the more exotic and less successful forays into jai alai frontons and a greyhound racing track.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — February 1917

SALISBURY — Miss Helen McCarty visited her grandmother in Torrington on Saturday.

It is said there is about three feet of frost in the ground.

SALISBURY — Miss Carrie Conklin is having a few days’ vacation from Clark’s store.

The manner in which the train service has been carried out on the C.N.E. during the past two months has been a fearful and wonderful thing.

What’s to be proud of at the White House?

Visualize a roulette wheel. It has 36 numbers, alternating odd and even, black and red. 

Spin the wheel. Now introduce a marble propelled along the edge of the bowl that houses the wheel, but in the opposite direction of the spin. 

Slowly, the ball will lose momentum and drift downward in its orbit until it collides with the wheel spinning contrarily. The marble jumps and wanders randomly until it finally settles on one number as the wheel drags to a halt. That then becomes the issue of the day, or hour.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-23-17

This is a battle that we must win

Supporting those who help in times of emergency

Anyone who has needed to call 911 to request help in a medical emergency will never forget every moment, every detail, of the event. Whether in one’s own home, or out on the road in a vehicle, or elsewhere, what leads up to that call is a series of steps that makes it clear an emergency is at hand. 

Then, the choice must be made to reach out for help rather than trying to manage it oneself. Difficult steps to take, as we all share the human quality of wanting to maintain control of our own destiny, even when all evidence points to the contrary.

Maple sap is running strong

I saw an icicle of sap suspended from a branch like a stalactite, and knew that it was time to set my spiles and start this year’s maple sugaring.  This past weekend’s warm temperatures really got if flowing, and by Monday my two-pail sap works had produced 8 gallons — enough to make almost a quart of syrup. 

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Drawing and lettering

State’s public education really isn’t public at all

Democratic legislators are always most conscientious when they are playing stooges for the teacher unions, the biggest component of the party’s base. Hence the all-nighter Democratic U.S. senators pulled on the Senate floor to posture against President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos for education secretary.

Goodbye, Grand Union: What we’re losing

Everyone remembers their first job. I will definitely remember mine, even though according to the internet, it doesn’t exist. That’s right: If you Google “Grand Union Family Markets” and go to Wikipedia, you’ll be told that there are no more stores in existence.  

Our Grand Union slipped under the radar somehow. It stood strong through the selling, rebranding, and demolishing of the rest of its species, and while they closed down one by one, it somehow survived. Come Feb. 25, it will be gone, too.