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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1918

LIME ROCK — We hear that John Hall has been to France and was sent back to Virginia and is in a hospital with an injured knee.


Coal supplies in Lakeville have been practically exhausted the past week and prospects are not very bright for getting coal in the near future. Many people are now using wood part of each day to help out the meagre supplies of coal.


Open, closed, open, closed, open ...

This is how it’s gone for Route 7 south of Kent since the ice jam first formed in the Housatonic River there on Jan. 13. And while Kent residents and town officials are accustomed to the river’s both freezing (after all, they do have the ice watch there every year) and flooding, the current situation has been extreme and surely frustrating for all affected by this ice jam.

The chasm between the seen and the not seen

Part 2

According to published reports, Harvey Weinstein warned starlets who wouldn’t grant him sexual favors that with one phone call he could derail their careers, and in some instances he did so.  There are similar reports about hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, restaurant owner Ken Friedman and other movers and shakers in ballet, opera, theater and other entertainments. All these men have denied all the non-consensual sex charges.  About the retaliation, though, they have all been mum. 

Remembering Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee

Last week, I had the rare experience of not only seeing a historical film whose principal players I had known, but also hearing the audience applaud the history they made as the movie ended.

The film is Stephen Spielberg’s  “The Post,” the story of the role The Washington Post and its publisher, Katharine Graham, and editor, Ben Bradlee, played in affirming the press freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment against a powerful opponent, the Nixon Administration.

Shut Down

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 1-25-18

More safety solutions for Salisbury

In light of the recent death of a pedestrian after an incident that happened while crossing Main Street in the center of Salisbury, it is encouraging to see The Lakeville Journal (editorial, “Safer town crossing needed in Salisbury,” Jan. 18) calling for some solutions to our community’s traffic problems.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — January 1918

SALISBURY — Paul Parsons has gone to Hartford where he has secured employment with the Connecticut Power Company.


CANAAN — W.H. Smart has assumed his duties as cashier at the national bank.


Lost or misplaced one January thaw. Finder will be suitably rewarded by returning same to Dr. Garfield, fuel administrator.


Obama’s silence must delight Trump

Former President Barack Obama continues to mystify his supporters. He is watching his successor tear down what they see as his administration’s hard-earned initiatives to protect the people’s health, safety and economic well-being, while twisting Washington toward more coddled, tax-subsidized corporatism. Yet our former president mostly remains quiet on matters of substance, providing no powerful voice for Americans to rally around.

Winsted needs to fund school building upkeep

While we live in the 21st century and have an abundance of advanced technology, scientists still have not invented a way for buildings to completely take care of themselves. Maintenance and upkeep are two basic (yet sometimes complicated) things any home or commercial building owner has to do in order to make sure a structure doesn’t fall apart.  And to take care of any building, you need to invest in it, whether by purchasing a roll of duct tape from the local hardware store or investing in expensive building contractors.

The high cost of low ambitions

“Oh, the humanity!” has long been associated with radio broadcaster Herbert Morrison’s anguished cry as the giant airship Hindenburg burst into flames in May of 1937.