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Hot Dogs Steroids

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‘Buy American,’ the Founding Fathers said

The Long View

The current uproar over the uniforms for the United States’ Olympic team being made in China should not have surprised Americans. Last Christmas season, I went shopping for a present for my wife, and discovered that in Brooks Brothers’ Manhattan flagship there were no women’s clothes that had not been made in China.

Montana and American Exceptionalism

Political Safari

Myth number one: your computer only does what you tell it. Result: support of computer technicians worldwide.

I’m not much good with mechanical things or mathematics. I never accept a treasurer’s spot on any board or committee. I haven’t a cell phone. Or a texting machine. Or a hand-held toy or a laptop. But millions of other people do.

Some SCOTUS perspective

If You Ask Me

Last year, when half the states were trying to get Obamacare declared unconstitutional, there were some who wondered how the health care law differed from those requiring people to buy automobile insurance or Social Security’s old age, survivors and disability insurance.

Car insurance was really not an issue because it’s required by the states, and the 10th Amendment sets aside matters not covered by the Constitution to them.

The answer for the second part of the question was there for all to see in two Supreme Court decisions announced on the same day in 1937.

More questions than clear answers on police

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

There are at least two sides to every story and multiple ways to interpret their meanings. Differing opinions and views of any issue are to be expected and welcomed in an open society. When two sides of a public agency disagree as completely as do the Connecticut State Police Union and their administrators on an issue as important as centralized dispatch of troopers, however, it is extremely disconcerting to civilian observers. It is also difficult to ferret out the reality of the situation. Where does the truth lie?

Turning Back the Pages - July 19

100 years ago — July 1912

LIME ROCK —Mrs. Barnum gave a picnic to some of the children at Rocky Dell camp last Thursday.

Little Myrtle White of Ore Hill is in the Sharon Hospital, as the result of injuries received by the exploding of a percussion cap used by miners. It seems the little girl found the cap which much have been dropped by a passing workman in the mine, and she tried to open it.

Letters to the Editor - July 19

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

So partisan and out of touch; it’s time for change


Letters to the Editor - July 19

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

So partisan and out of touch; it’s time for change


Shrinking Middle Class

Editorial Cartoon

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Rereadings: Sir Francis Bacon’s ‘New Atlantis,’ an eden for scientists

The Long View

Sir Francis Bacon was known as a moral philosopher, a description that earlier in my life was enough to frighten me into not reading him. I later became acquainted with him because of the manner of his death, from a chill brought on by his attempt to investigate the preserving qualities of ice on a freshly killed chicken, an incident I recounted in a book about the cold. He died in 1626 and “New Atlantis” was published the following year. Even shorter than Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” it too has had a decided effect on the world.