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Letters to the Editor - August 2

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

Volunteers worked hard to make car show a success


High summer

Nature's Notebook

Everything in my vegetable garden has been building toward this moment. As the first lettuce bolts, the red cabbages are forming their heads. It has been an excellent year for my tomatoes as they start assuming their true colors at last, while the basil that goes with them is a deep and luxuriant green. Green beans and peas bend low with their bounty. The peppers are starting to bear fruit. Despite the heavy drought that held firm until this past week, it looks to be a fine harvest in my backyard.

Russian Roulette

Editorial Cartoon

The perfect 80/20 split?

Political Cuisine

Ground beef is for sale in every supermarket, big or small, in the United States. And yet, while almost every other food product on a supermarket shelf is required to display nutrition labels, fresh meats are exempt (although some supermarkets voluntarily provide them). Why is ground beef not required to display a nutrition label?

The back story on Donovan

If You Ask Me

Before Congressional candidate Chris Donovan was denying he knew about his finance chairman’s corrupt scheme to obtain campaign contributions in exchange for killing a bill in the legislature, he was involved in other activities voters should find rather objectionable, if not indictable.

Most recently, there was his refusal to resign from the commission reapportioning the state’s Congressional districts even though he was running for one of the seats being redrawn.

‘A republic, madam, if you can keep it’

Field Notes From A Battleground

Part 1 of 2

Such was Ben Franklin’s famous reply, when leaving the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, to a well-meaning woman, inquiring what kind of government we would have. Though I normally strain to keep things in perspective, Franklin’s words come to mind when I think how the U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected an opportunity to rethink its disastrous decision in “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.”

Turning Back the Pages - July 26

100 years ago — July 1912

LIME ROCK — Samuel W. Bradley, wife and grandchild motored to Great Barrington recently.

SALISBURY — D.T. Warner and family went this week to their camp on Mt. Riga, Lotus Lodge, for the season.

LIME ROCK — Quite an improvement is being made to the Loucks’ cottage; two east windows have been cut in the second story.

50 years ago — July 1962

FALLS VILLAGE — Mary Kay and Billy Beebe of Dublin Road were guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Beebe at their cottage at Indian Lake in Millerton, N.Y.

Trying to understand that which cannot be understood

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

What is it that would make a human being do what the perpetrator did in Aurora, Colo., last week at the midnight opening of a Batman movie? Shall we just assume he’s mad, and not even try to understand? It’s tempting to do that. Yet at times of such tragedy as this senseless act of violence, it is human nature to try to make some sense of it, to try to understand enough about the murderer to know if there would have been any way to spot some signs of man ready to snap, to do what is the unthinkable to most people.

Letters to the Editor - July 26

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

Thankful for all the support


What’s that noise?!

Nature's Notebook

At this time of year, we get a lot of calls at the Audubon Center asking us to identify sounds. Maybe it is a loud screeching noise at night that turns out to be fledgling great horned owls calling to their parents for food. Maybe it sounds like birds singing in the darkness but in reality is the call of the gray tree frog.

Or, maybe it’s a loud chattering and hissing sound coming from a chimney. Is it a raccoon? Is it bats, snakes? More than likely, the mystery sound is coming from birds known as chimney swifts.