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The rules of the game

Mr. Trump always uses two teleprompters, as do most politicians. But I wonder metaphorically if it is so he can say different things to different people from one side of his face or the other, and hope listeners won’t notice the difference.

Consider his trips to Florida to show sensitivity to their disaster plight. That was a nice thing to do. Those people who wanted to hear those words did so and were pleased. But then on that same day, he turned and told the DACA people that they would soon be deported because they are “illegal.”

The ways Malloy resembles Clinton

With her new memoir of last year’s presidential campaign, “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton blames her defeat on everybody else more than herself — Russian President Vladimir Putin, former FBI Director James Comey, campaign rival Bernie Sanders, woman haters and so forth. 

Clinton does have a fair complaint about Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who drew away enough liberal votes to cost Clinton the three usually Democratic states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin — that gave the electoral college to Donald Trump. 

The price tag of disaster

Over the past four weeks, just two hurricanes have cost the country upwards of $300 billion. This has easily surpassed the 2005 hurricane season cost of $200 billion, which included Katrina, Wilma and Rita combined. The cumulative cost of weather continues to escalate and with good reason.

Before you leap to the conclusion that global warming is the culprit, let me lay out some facts. Coastal storms are no more (or less) frequent an event now than they have been throughout our history. So what gives?

From the Region One Superintendent’s Desk: A letter to our Region One communities on testing

Every school in Connecticut receives the reports from the state for Smarter Balanced Consortium Assessments (SBAC tests) at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, for most schools in the state, the news was not good this year. 

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-21-17

Kent is the wrong place for Birch Hill

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — September 1917

To the Owners of Dogs in the several towns in Connecticut westerly of the Connecticut River: The infectious disease known as Rabies has been epidemic in western Connecticut, resulting since January 1st, 1917, in the killing of a large number of infected dogs. Approximately 100 persons have been bitten by rabid dogs, necessitating Pasteur treatment, and three human lives have been lost by this terrible disease.

How to pay for your monumental tower

Suppose, hypothetically, you decided to build a monument to yourself, such as a multi-story steel and glass tower in the middle of Manhattan, costing a few hundred million dollars. How would you pay for it?

Well, if you happened to have the cash lying around, that would be a solution, but would it be the “smartest” solution? 

Changes at Housatonic Valley Regional High

When the financing for renovations at Housatonic Valley Regional High School (HVRHS) was first being discussed, one thing that was quite clear from the beginning, upon which everyone generally agreed, was that the upgrades were necessary and had probably been put off too long already. Even given that fact, however, it still was not a simple step to take to spend the money when the number of students at the high school has been steadily declining over the past years.