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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — April 1918

SALISBURY — David Wright has left the employ of Geo. H. Clark and has moved to South Egremont.


LAKEVILLE — William Raynsford is home from Gilbert School for vacation.


LIME ROCK — Mr. Hunter of Sharon is the new gardener at C.W. Barnum’s.


LAKEVILLE — C.H. Osborn had the misfortune to lose his pet collie last Friday. It is thought the animal ate something that poisoned him.


Guest editorial

There are two things you need to know about newspapers.

Newspapers are important to community life and democracy. Always have been. We at the National Newspaper Association think it is important for all sorts of newspapers to survive for the sake of a free society—the very large and the very small ones, the liberal ones, the conservative ones, the middle-of-the-road ones, the ones with no viewpoint but just important news, all of them. Some are our members. Many are not. We defend them anyway. America needs them like we need oxygen.

At what price news, or the loss of it?

Newspapers are not only struggling in many parts of the country because people don’t want to handle newsprint any more. Those who work for large city, national or international newspapers tend to have strong journalistic instincts and a sometimes grating but often productive lack of fear for those in power. This has gotten them into trouble with those powerful people many times and in many ways over the past decades. Yet still they provide a service that will not quite be filled by any other media if they disappear. 

I want my grenade launcher, too

If you watched TV on Saturday, March 24, you surely saw at least some of the vast marches of the student movement to rid our schools, our land, of unnecessary military firepower in the hands of the general populace. We don’t need military firepower under the Second Amendment. 

The young adults from Florida and their compatriots from around the country put on a fabulous show, not for entertainment, but to rally all Americans to the fact that we have the dubious distinction of having more firepower per person than any other country in the world.

The new tax bill and the in-home office

The new tax bill has eliminated “miscellaneous deductions” as a class of itemized deductions for 2018. Because miscellaneous deductions are gone, a very large class of deductions is gone too. One member of this class is the office-in-home. And even if you don’t maintain an office, you may be interested in this commentary for illustrating how a tax lawyer thinks.  

A tribute to the man who was the master of the galaxies

I would like to formally thank the late Stephen Hawking for liberating me from my mental turmoil and stumbling blocks by offering me something very much needed: a second chance.

Who is the audience for arrogance?


Cartoon to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 3-29-18

Protect our children

State Representative Brian Ohler’s March 14 news release begins, “I have decided to take immediate action to help protect our school children.”  

I read on eagerly because our children deserve “immediate action.” Imagine my anticlimactic disappointment when I read his next sentence: “I am spearheading the creation of a taskforce that will focus on school security and safety.”