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Whither science in the Trump administration?

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Post-fact era


The greatest concern of the nation’s scientific leadership is that we seem to be entering the Post-Fact Era, where the “facts” simply don’t matter anymore. This is anathema to a community that bases its research and findings on the scientific method. Data validity, rigor and transparency in scientific research are paramount. 

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — March 1917

SALISBURY — W.P. Bishop has returned to his duties as station agent, after a several months’ vacation, due to poor health.

LIME ROCK — T. Terhune has moved back to Falls Village.

CANAAN — Miss Mary Fitch was home from South Kent over Sunday.

The sleighing was again replenished by a fall of six inches of snow on Monday.

LAKEVILLE — Louis Bryant is off duty owing to a bad cut in the little finger of his right hand.

Another chance?

It was just a month ago that this newspaper asked its readers to give a chance to the Region One initiative for a significant change in scheduling and grading practices. In the following four weeks, a lack of effective communication has led to a highly polarized breakdown into factions of teachers, parents and students set against the administration at the office of the superintendent, where the proposal was initiated. Can this situation be salvaged? 

Putin, Trump

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 3-2-17

Wants more opinion pieces like Schiller’s

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1917

SALISBURY — Miss Lucy Reed has been assisting in the Library this week, while Miss Norton has been attending a Library meeting in New Britain.

CANAAN — The fire alarm was sounded at midnight Saturday night when a car used as a storehouse in the railroad yards was destroyed.

SALISBURY — Charles Sherman is the assistant at the station.

TACONIC — Painters from Boston are at present at Hill House, residence of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Scoville.

A rough day that could have been even worse

There are those who live in the Northwest Corner who believe that our law enforcement, sparse as it may be compared with that of more urban areas, is not up to the task of fighting serious crime. “Troop B is just a training ground for rookies,” or, “The resident troopers have too little to do,” some have been heard to say. Well, those people will have to readjust their thinking on the subject after the apprehension of two bank robbery suspects traveling from Salisbury into Lakeville on Feb. 15. 

Bourbon Latte

Russian emoluments

This is a cautionary tale for U.S. diplomats and businessmen traveling in modern Russia: It is almost impossible these days to stay in any upscale hotel in Moscow or elsewhere without one’s room being bugged and recorded on tape ­— in sound and, sometimes for more distinguished visitors, in visual media format. (I speak with some experience of this.)

Whither science in the Trump administration?

Part 1 of 2


Outstanding science and technological innovation have given the United States a distinct economic competitive advantage. Oddly, the importance of science and innovation were not issues in the presidential election, and seem to be missing in action in the deliberations of President Trump’s new administration.