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Cohousing, a true path to sustainable living

I recently met with Doris Chevron over coffee to talk cohousing.  Doris, a Sharon resident and former editor-at-large at Architectural Digest, is part of a growing group of local residents meeting with me monthly to discuss how cohousing could be a good housing option in our Northwest Corner. As an architect, I believe cohousing can address some of our current housing needs, while bringing social connections, shared resources, and caring support right outside the front door. 

A volunteer’s view from Tijuana: The long, uncertain slog to ‘the other side’

Part 1 of 2

Note from the author: This series is based on a long face-to-face interview with Sharon resident Abby Nathanson, clarifications she provided in response to emailed questions, as well as photos, statistics, and several articles Abby sent to enrich my piece. Finally, my understanding of the asylum process was augmented by news articles on Tijuana and immigration at the southern border.


Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-14-19

Sharon Hospital will continue to serve the NW Corner community

Thank you for your continued support of Sharon Hospital and for the warm welcome I’ve received since arriving here as interim president about a month ago. One thing I’ve learned quickly: This is a wonderful community filled with passionate, dedicated citizens. We take our role as your healthcare provider very seriously and are committed to enhancing and growing services you need.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — March 1919

SALISBURY — Miss Phoebe Smith has gone to Atlantic City where she is employed by the Fisher family.


LAKEVILLE — W.P. Bradley will sell the farm tools and household furniture of Mrs. E.F. Sanford, Ore Hill, Conn., at auction, March 19 at 1 o’clock sharp.


LIME ROCK — Orin Paine of Boston Corners spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. L.A. Bulman.


Thank you, Rep. Hayes

Of all the issues our new U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-5) could have chosen as the topic of her first floor speech, background checks on gun buyers is perhaps the most welcome. After all, 97 percent of Americans agree that universal background checks when purchasing a firearm are appropriate and should happen, and it is an issue that holds particular and strong meaning for her constituents. Gun violence in the urban areas of the 5th District is of great concern as well as the memory of the mass school shooting in Newtown in 2012. 

Happy 25th, 21st Century Fund

One bit of inspiration, absorbed by the right person, can change the course of many other people’s lives. This is the root of the story of the 21st Century Club for Housatonic Valley Regional High School. The right person was the late John L. (“Jack”) Mahoney, who was the high school’s principal back in the 1990s when he took a sabbatical to visit highly successful schools across the United States to see what they were doing differently. 

Trump’s border wall, Tong’s demagogic posturing

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong has joined a lawsuit with 15 other states against President Trump’s declaration of a federal emergency, which the president plans to use to justify spending otherwise-appropriated money to complete a wall across the Mexican border. Tong says he aims to protect the Constitution and the state, but, accusing the president of “racism and hate,” he is engaging mainly in the demagogic posturing that characterized his recent campaign.

Society is right now at a turning point

Democracy and liberty are increasingly under threat around the world as capitalism and the digital revolution get together to rule your life. In fact, new and newer technologies are not only asking you — and you are willfully supplying — reams of data, but — and, here’s the big worry as outlined by Professor Shoshana Zuboff (one of the great minds at Harvard) — those collectors are modifying and manipulating your data even while you think it is still yours or certainly something you are clear about yourself on.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking

Is the two-party system the best we can do? From the perspective of this unhappy Republican it has a major flaw: It is impossible to stretch a unifying political tent over a party where the political differences are so great and where the so-called “wedge” issues play such a major role. 

Don’t call these TV performances debates

In August of 2015, 15 months before the presidential election, the Republican Party invited 17 of its best and brightest candidates for president to take part in what would be the first of a dozen “debates.”  They would continue until the following March and give us Donald Trump.