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Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 3-21-19

The country needs a new path of decency

After the rambling, angry, profanity-laced speech Donald Trump gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference recently, is there any doubt a madman is in the White House? His audience clapped and cheered him on, which absolutely boggles my mind. Frankly, the scariest part is the blind loyalty shown by his followers in the face of disaster.

Fiber broadband, seen as a complex Trojan horse

The Northwest Hills Council of Governments, urged by the well-intentioned local group Northwest ConneCT, is encouraging towns to embrace fiber broadband in their new plans of conservation and development and build out fiber as soon as possible. Towns can already own fiber networks for non-commercial use. But this new initiative would bump that to commercial use too. 


A volunteer’s view from Tijuana: The long, uncertain slog to ‘the other side’

Part 2 of 2

Note from the author: This series is based on a long face-to-face interview with Sharon resident Abby Nathanson, clarifications she provided in response to emailed questions, as well as photos, statistics, and several articles Abby sent to enrich my piece. Finally, my understanding of the asylum process was augmented by news articles on Tijuana and immigration at the southern border.


Loving and hating presidents, then and now

On an April afternoon in 1945, Johnny Miller and I were shooting baskets in his backyard when his mother came to the kitchen door and told us, “President Roosevelt is dead.”

Johnny jumped and cheered as if he’d scored the winning basket at the buzzer. Even though the president wasn’t popular in our suburban New Jersey neighborhood, my friend’s reaction kind of shocked me. Mine was way different: “He won’t get to win the war.” 

Wishing for more fish in the sea

Dear EarthTalk: There’s a lot of talk about overfishing and pollution wreaking havoc in marine ecosystems, but has anyone actually studied if there is less wildlife in the oceans these days?

Melissa Cassidy

Raleigh, N.C.


Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — March 1919

SALISBURY — George Ashman has a new horse which he purchased at the sale in Amenia last Saturday.


LAKEVILLE — Miss Mary Stanton is the new assistant in the Post Office.


LIME ROCK — Fay Chaffee bought a valuable horse once owned by Mr. C.W. Barnum. Fay says he will take nobody’s dust.

Police investigations should be open to public

Every year when Sunshine Week rolls around, it seems there is some open government issue under discussion that is of great importance to the public. In Connecticut this year, the freedom of information issue under statewide discussion is a bill pending in the Legislature that if passed would reduce the information available to the public from police investigations. 


Is bottled water a good idea?

The most valuable natural resource on the planet besides air, fresh water is becoming scarcer throughout the world. Over 2 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, potable drinking water. In the Middle East and elsewhere, the lack of water has fueled the frequent wars of recent times. Climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices are reducing the supply of available water, and the ability to grow food, for much of the increasing world population.