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So much for filing your taxes on a postcard

Part 1 of a series


No, after the new tax law you will not be able to file your taxes on a postcard.  In fact, the tax law just got more complex, which should surprise no one. Keep in mind that the new law applies to 2018, and not to 2017, except in almost unnoticeable details.  

Connecticut congressmen should learn to compromise

It was sad to see both Connecticut senators and three of its five House members vote against reopening the federal government last week.

Dark side of free viral media

I get asked, “How can the paper afford you…” Good question since they don’t (and shouldn’t) pay anything (including a free paper.) Ah, you wonder, thinking of the hours and research, then why’s he doing it? Let’s put this in today’s jargon: I get the benefit of cross-platforming, expanding reach and viral media response, expanding my platform. I should. I don’t.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-1-18

For those who embrace the final stage of life

The tree outside my bedroom window is almost bare, except for a small ballerina skirt of leaves around the bottom, which refuses to let go.

Its branches are bare, but not dead, not even dormant.

All hail the rise of the smoothie

The global market for smoothies is one that is growing and profitable. Driven by a new health-consciousness among consumers, today’s on-the-go convenience of gulping down your vitamins and minerals is appealing to more and more of us. Expect that trend to continue.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1918

LIME ROCK — We hear that John Hall has been to France and was sent back to Virginia and is in a hospital with an injured knee.


Coal supplies in Lakeville have been practically exhausted the past week and prospects are not very bright for getting coal in the near future. Many people are now using wood part of each day to help out the meagre supplies of coal.


Open, closed, open, closed, open ...

This is how it’s gone for Route 7 south of Kent since the ice jam first formed in the Housatonic River there on Jan. 13. And while Kent residents and town officials are accustomed to the river’s both freezing (after all, they do have the ice watch there every year) and flooding, the current situation has been extreme and surely frustrating for all affected by this ice jam.

The chasm between the seen and the not seen

Part 2

According to published reports, Harvey Weinstein warned starlets who wouldn’t grant him sexual favors that with one phone call he could derail their careers, and in some instances he did so.  There are similar reports about hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, restaurant owner Ken Friedman and other movers and shakers in ballet, opera, theater and other entertainments. All these men have denied all the non-consensual sex charges.  About the retaliation, though, they have all been mum.