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In search of a workable and humane immigration policy

Much to like about the Finns, but not forest raking

In one of my earliest grade school memories, I am lining up in the hallway with my classmates for an air raid drill in late 1939 or early 1940 when the boy next to me asks, “Who are you for, the Russians or the Finns?”

There was only one right answer and I quickly said, “the Finns.” Being for the Finns was automatic for a couple of reasons. They were the underdog in a war with Russia and they were known as an honorable people. “The Finns always pay their debts,” was an oft-repeated statement of fact.  


Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — December 1918

SALISBURY — William Parsons is the new clerk at Dickinson’s Drug Store.


Major Joseph Bidleman Bissell, the noted surgeon and radium specialist, died Monday at his home, 46 West 55th St., New York, in his 60th year. He had been ill only three days, and had come home for Thanksgiving from Fort McHenry, near Baltimore, Md., where he had been chief surgeon and had contracted infection of the blood.


After a close election, time to serve

Now that the holiday season has really taken hold, and we are in the thick of so many community-building events and gatherings, it is rather nice to be able to leave the election season behind us. But this time around, for the 64th District for the Connecticut State House, it was so extended a race that it is hard to call it quits.

Saudi Prince

Dogs and their humans: Pets and cars in America

Pet ownership in America is well over 50 percent. Nine out of 10 of these owners view their pet as part of the family. As such, dollars spent on traditional pet ownership areas such as food, veterinary needs and boarding have expanded to include things like exercise and travel. For more and more Americans, that trend has grown to include what cars we purchase.

China’s tormented Uyghurs: A backward glance

More than eight centuries have passed since Kubilay Khan approved of a response to a proposal by France’s king, Philip IV, that Christians and Mongols should join forces to drive the Muslims out of Palestine and defeat their forces in Egypt. The letter began: “We agree to your proposition,” and it went on to declare: “If, by the authority of heaven, We conquer these people, We shall give you Jerusalem.” 

Email wars: Hillary vs. Ivanka

The reader may already know of and perhaps even used Mohawk Internet for their email back in the day when there was no public email such as Gmail or Yahoo. We built our own servers and hosted thousands of users. We charged for the service, but there were no advertisements, ever.

At any time we could have peeked in on your email. It was our company policy not to do so. But on occasion a customer would have a problem and we would have to go in and track down the errant email and delete it so as to free up the user’s mail spool and return it to normal service.

Did you ask for whom the tolls toll?

Having gotten elected after promising not to increase the state income tax and sales tax while still reducing property taxes, Ned Lamont has to start looking for new money.