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Fair and balanced, or not at all?

Brett Kavanaugh was as calm as could be expected at the Senate hearing Sept. 27, for someone who has been publicly accused and convicted without proof of assault, rape and exposure.

The people who have been truly hysterical throughout all this are not Kavanaugh or Christine Ford, but the media, especially The New York Times. Their parsing of Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook in a desperate search for evidence of bad character takes investigative journalism to a new low.

Smirks and glowers: The face of privilege under fire

That insolent smirk. I know it well. It’s the smirk of a hung-over but unruffled preppie slouching into the headmaster’s office to explain his drunken weekend — a boy who knows no real fear because his family name is on the school gym. A smirk that says: I get what I want. I dare you to hold me to account.

The Kavanaugh smirk, in the Senate hearing room.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1918

LIME ROCK — School has closed on account of five cases of scarlet fever in town.


SALISBURY — Master Raymond Knickerbocker is ill with pleuro pneumonia.


TACONIC — Miss Sadie Gordon is pleasantly situated as companion to a lady in Dorchester, Mass.


LIME ROCK — A. Humes is to move from Chapinville to Mrs. Owen’s farm.


A blast of fall outdoor activity not to be missed

This is that beginning-of-autumn time of desperation, when any vaguely nice day elicits a need to ignore all other things (chore oriented, especially) and get outdoors and do things (such as hiking or simply taking a walk) that will soon enough become much less pleasant, if not downright impossible. The summer was just not long enough, was it? There are always activities we meant to take part in that slipped by us, no matter how much we have squeezed in. 


Cricket Valley Energy begs a deeper CT dive

“Think globally, act locally.”

Part 2 of 3

An American disease for centuries

Xenophobia, an intense or irrational fear of things foreign, especially people, has been an American disease since some natives of this continent took an instant dislike for the white people in funny clothes landing on their shores 400 years ago.

Once those white people proved the natives’ suspicions were warranted by kicking them off their lands, the first white, Anglo Saxon Protestants had things pretty much to themselves for centuries.  

From the Region One Superintendent’s Desk: Task force will offer support to students and families

The past few weeks have been exciting for students and staff, as we welcomed everyone to a new year in Region One. But just as we opened the year with energy and anticipation, we are fully aware that these last several months have been sad and difficult ones, with the loss of several students through tragic circumstances. We acknowledge that these losses could have been prevented. And we also have come to recognize that an opportunity has been presented to us, in the form of building community and admitting that we can do more for our youth and families.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-27-18

More on Japanese knotweed

Last week’s excellent Lake-ville Journal article about efforts to control Japanese knotweed along the banks of the Wild and Scenic Housatonic River needs a bit of elaboration and one important correction.

Only the lonely

Although the U. K. seems to be caught up in an economic death spiral thanks to its ill-informed Brexit vote you’ve got to hand it to the Brits for tackling one of the most insidious public health issues of our time.