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Gun Control

Gun safety legislation: It’s now or never

On Sunday night, Oct. 1, 2017, American citizens faced once again another horrific mass shooting, this time at a musical event in Las Vegas, and the worst in U.S. history.

While the great majority of American citizens reacted in shock and pleaded for new thinking and action to control gun violence, reactionary forces in Congress and in the White House proclaimed it “too early” and “too political” to start discussing gun control policy at this time of tragedy. 

We need gun registration, some bans and closed loopholes

What does a killer, firing hundreds of rounds a minute into a crowd of concertgoers, have to do with the need for “a militia necessary to the security of a free state?”

Or am I asking the question too soon? Are emotions are still too raw to make informed decisions about the ease with which mass murderers obtain and use their weapons of mass destruction?


Disasters come in many flavors, and we have seen quite the box of chocolates of late. There have been natural disasters such as earthquakes in Mexico and mudslides in China and monster hurricanes, all of which are natural and will happen. We have seen a human-inflicted disaster in Las Vegas, which we all knew was as inevitable as an earthquake. 

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 10-12-17

Make your voices heard on guns

So many people dying in the natural course of events is a bit overwhelming, as so many are close in age to myself and a lot of my friends. It makes you think. It’s a bit scary. But more than 50 people, many even younger, who we never heard of, died in Las Vegas because we live in a country where the right to bear an automatic rifle is more valued than the right to live.

Thoughts and prayers? Seriously?

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — October 1917

TACONIC — Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Pentecost left Wednesday for a motor trip to points in western Massachusetts including the training camp at Ayer.


SALISBURY — Charles Hardisty, who has been conducting the Edward Barton farm, has given up his lease of the farm and has entered the employ of W.B. Rand.

Three cent postage and 2 cent postal cards will soon be in operation, one of the few reminders that the country is at war.

Gun control: We need answers

In this era of extreme polarization in our country, what will it take to make some measure of compromise happen? 

On changes in federal gun control legislation, we wrote much the same thing as this and the following almost five years ago, after the shooting in Newtown at Sandy Hook elementary school: If not now, then when? But in the time since, there have been many more school shootings, and mass shootings, with the record-setter in Las Vegas still stunning our national psyche. 

You're Fired

‘Just when you thought it was safe to goa back in the water’

Part 2 of 2

Last time, Church showed why the Army Field Manual provides the most effective protection against torture, and that President Obama’s Executive Order 13491 extended its reach to all U.S. interrogations, including those conducted by the CIA. But can Trump, with a pen stroke, sign a new order freeing the CIA from the manual’s restraints?


Certainly Trump could rescind President Obama’s order. But where would that leave Trump and Pompeo, who may have put the president up to it?

Freedom for the thought that we hate

Maybe it’s time to remind ourselves that Americans have the constitutional right to do unpopular, even obnoxious things in public, like kneeling when the national anthem is played at a football game or screaming “lock her up” at a political rally. A little perspective may be in order.