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Drawing and lettering

State’s public education really isn’t public at all

Democratic legislators are always most conscientious when they are playing stooges for the teacher unions, the biggest component of the party’s base. Hence the all-nighter Democratic U.S. senators pulled on the Senate floor to posture against President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos for education secretary.

Goodbye, Grand Union: What we’re losing

Everyone remembers their first job. I will definitely remember mine, even though according to the internet, it doesn’t exist. That’s right: If you Google “Grand Union Family Markets” and go to Wikipedia, you’ll be told that there are no more stores in existence.  

Our Grand Union slipped under the radar somehow. It stood strong through the selling, rebranding, and demolishing of the rest of its species, and while they closed down one by one, it somehow survived. Come Feb. 25, it will be gone, too.

The Trials of Denial: Science and the Trump administration

Part 2

Eppur si muove

‘And yet it moves!” These are the words of Galileo, after torture by Pope Urban VIII and the Inquisition forced him to recant the idea that Earth moves around the Sun. Scripture said otherwise, and the Pope had a vested interest in that fiction. Galileo was slammed into house arrest in 1633. 

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — February 1917

SALISBURY — Mr. J.H. Priestman has been under the doctor’s care the past week, suffering from an injured shin bone. Next time, Jack, you better hit the nail on the head.


LAKEVILLE — Joseph Honour disposed of his dairy of 50 cows at auction last Monday.


SALISBURY — Mr. Fred Marston is on the sick list with indigestion.


Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 2-16-17

Salisbury volunteers need a new ambulance

It is all well and good to read the factual account of how the Volunteer Ambulance Service was started in 1971. However, there are a few of us still around who remember the personal commitment, dedication and sacrifice involved. 

I do remember that fateful accident which was the final impetus needed to put words into action. 

A new look and feel for your weekly read

Regular readers of The Lakeville Journal many have noticed that over the past year there have been gradual changes to the sorting of information within our pages. Stories were for about 16 years arranged on individual town pages (with regional, health, sports, family and friends news and front page stories having their own pages). There has been an incremental shift to more themed pages, with stories on the same topic (municipal government, the schools, the arts, etc.) from Northwest Corner towns being grouped together. 

Well done, SWSA

The Great Wall may have nothing on Trump’s

Ancient China built a great wall. It is vast, and there are those who believe it to be observable from space. I have walked upon it myself. It is remarkable. Trump, in a technologically more advanced time, wants to build a wall which might rival China’s.

But it is not his wall that concerns me. I worry about the wall developing in our government. In the past decade, we have seen the Republicans stonewall everything that the once dominant Democrats tried to enable. And now we see the Democrats stonewalling everything the now dominant Republicans strive for.

Now, it’s ‘No Muslims Need Apply’

The first Irish immigrants who sought refuge in the United States during the 1850s potato famine were the poorest of the poor, a despised minority capable of little more than unskilled labor.