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The Cornwall Library, 30 Pine Street, Cornwall, CT, 860-672-6874, www.CornwallLibrary.org:

Hotchkiss Library of Sharon, 10 Upper Main St., Sharon, CT, 860 364-5041, www.hotchkisslibrary.org: Fall Reading Series on Thomas Hardy, led by Mark Scarbrough, Dec. 5.

Kent Memorial Library, 32 North Main St., Kent CT, 860-927-3761 www.kentmemoriallibrary.org: Fall Book Discussion Series: England’s 20th Century Wars, Dec. 14, from 5-6:15 pm. Call 860-927-3761 to register and for a list of books.

Scoville Memorial Library, 38 Main St., Salisbury, CT, 860-435-2838, www.scovillelibrary.org: Film and Exhibit, Dec 2, 4 pm; New Year’s Party for Kids, Dec 31, 11 am.