A View From the Edge

Why we need to explore outer space

Elon Musk of SpaceX talks about space travel as a “duty to maintain the light of consciousness.” Frank Drake, the astronomer, says we must search for extraterrestrial intelligence to validate the probability — note, he says not possibility, but says probability — of other observable civilizations in our galaxy. Were Nikola Tesla and quantum physicist David Bohm right in affirming that space is not empty but filled with a kind of force field, something they referred to as “cosmic plenum?”

What is fair government oversight?

In talking to people across America, there seems to be a running theme, strong divisions in thinking, between portions of the population. The nation — so terribly divided — seems incapable of understanding an opposing side’s view. One issue that seems to divide the most is the question of whether the government should make your life better or whether the government should get out of your way to allow you to make your life better. Often, these are the arguments posed by extreme factions on both sides of the political divide.

Just how big is global aerospace?

Ready? Global aerospace is worth $838 billion. Exactly half of the global automotive industry. Yes, half. Think of all the trucks, cars, motorbikes that are made, sold, manufactured, repaired and re-sold globally. And yet the aerospace industry is worth half of that. Makes one think of the growing size and revenue from aerospace, doesn’t it?

New Age defense

While all the other machinations are going on in politics, serious men and women, those in defense of the country, are trying to see through the fog of future defense needs and are making assessments of our capability.

The scandal of land grant colleges

Most Americans and almost all non-Americans have no idea what the Land Grant Colleges are or how they were formed. It became clear to Lincoln (yes, honest Abe) that the rich were going to be educated and the poor would receive no further education because college or university was just too expensive. 

Nudity vs. content

A world famous photographer said, when answering an anti-nudity critic at a museum opening of his nude photography, “Dirty is when seen through dirty eyes.” In a way, what’s on the Internet these days fits that model. You can replace “dirty” with “violent” or “biased” or even “fake” when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Wild West technology

Canada vs. Denmark: Little-known border disputes

Did you know that Denmark and Canada are at war? And that they are negotiating — have been for four decades — for peace?  And what’s the war about? Borders and protecting territorial integrity. You see, half way between Greenland (Danish sovereign territory) and Ellesmere Island (part of Canada) in a straight of water known as Kennedy Channel is a lump of rock called Hans Island.