A View From the Edge

Thanksgiving leftovers…

So, for starters, I have to admit Thanksgiving has always been a favorite time to remember and give thanks — and, yes, eat way too much. As a child, my parents would remember the ending of war (Korea for example), when the Berlin Wall came down, a new vaccine (polio), man’s first safe journey into space, and on and on.

Pollution? Move it to the moon and Mars

There’s a hidden motive for Elon Musk (SpaceX), Bill Gates (funding and technology) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Horizon) and their rocket and space exploration dreams. With a myriad of scientists working on their programs and, not inconsequentially, actual scientific factual understanding regarding global climate change based on the degradation of the Earth’s atmosphere and pollution issues due to industrialization, these men and thousands of others involved in space exploration want to move all polluting industries off Earth.

Collective spontaneous experiences lacking

An older friend told me the other day that he missed a feeling of being in sync with fellow citizens. He went on, “The only time I feel really part of our community is at sports events or political rallies.”  It got me thinking… why do we older men and women hanker after a time of old? Were olden days better financially? Were they less stressful? Were they a “better time” as some claim?

What is General Aviation?

Religious schisms

Quiet revolt by those who know better

Sometimes, political edicts — as opposed to negotiated law that survives political debate — are so wrong to experts that they are forced to stand for principle. When that fails — facing an onslaught of non-legal edicts that Congress won’t overturn or debate, their only recourse is to obey the letter of their oath of office. 

Presidents since I’ve been alive, thumbnailed

Sometimes a recap on where we’ve seen the country going for over 60 years is useful, if only to awaken one’s indignation and yet understanding explaining an honest desire for many Americans to hanker after the times that were, the past, when we saw and felt the nation on a different course. 

People don’t want to know