Turning Back the Pages

Turning Back the Pages

75 years ago — November 1936
SALISBURY — E.E. Stalker is confined to his home with a severe cold.

Reflections of the Season (editorial): The pioneer days had their good features. All the people had to fear in those days was an attack by Indians, and now its politicians and hordes of them, and no one is allowed to shoot ‘em.

Turning Back The Pages

75 years ago — November 1936

SALISBURY —  Mr. and Mrs. I. Kent Fulton have returned from a visit with their son Wells in California. They made the trip overland by auto.

Reflections of the Season (editorial): The world is mighty inconsistent, to be celebrating Armistice Day that ended war and at the same time rapidly arming to the teeth in preparation for another war. It’s ironic to say the least.

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75 years ago — November 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): There was a hard frost on Tuesday which froze all the sunflowers.

The elm trees bordering the highway from Salisbury to Lakeville have been properly banded against the canker worm.

LAKEVILLE — Miss Frances Heffernan has taken a position with the Salisbury Bank and Trust Co.

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75 years ago — October 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Remember the old torch light parades of years ago. They might have been foolish but they furnished lots of fun and excitement. The parades of today are usually lighted by automobile headlights which are not half so romantic and thrilling as the old oil torch on a stick used to be. “Them was the happy days” — and all said and done they were American days with no taint of radicalism and communism.

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75 years ago — October 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Old Jack Frost made his delayed appearance on Tuesday morning. He is no more welcome than he ever has been.

SALISBURY — Mr. Oliver Marston has been in Tarrytown, N.Y., attending a meeting at the Chevrolet assembly plant.

LIME ROCK — Mr. Berdaugh is building a house in the field across from his house.

TACONIC — Mrs. George Colby motored to Ashby, Mass., on Friday.

Turning Back The Pages 10-13

75 years ago — October 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Governor Cross says good men should go into politics after first reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Will some one please page the New Dealers in Washington from the top down.

SALISBURY — Amelia Earhart, noted woman flier, was a luncheon guest at The Ragamont Inn last Saturday.

LIME ROCK — Mr. and Mrs. Deutschmann had a crowded house over the week end.

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75 years ago — September 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Judging from the scenes along most any of the highways one must conclude that in the course of time there will be a race of people with extra large thumbs.

SALISBURY — Edwin Fitting quite badly cut his hand on broken glass at the water tub recently.

LIME ROCK — Mr. Buttery is in a New York hospital for treatment.

50 years ago — September 1961

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75 years ago — September 1936
SALISBURY — Dr. and Mrs. John C. Goddard attended the golf tournament at Norfolk Monday.

TACONIC — Mr. and Mrs. Jules Rebillard and children of New Britain, Conn., spent the weekend at their camp at Kelsey’s shore.

LAKEVILLE — Mr. John McChesney received a fractured left collar bone on Wednesday when the saddle horse he was riding stepped into a woodchuck hole and stumbled, throwing Mr. McChesney. He is reported as comfortable.

Turning Back The Pages 9-8

75 years ago — 1936

SALISBURY — The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Morey has been christened Frank William.

LIME ROCK — Mrs. Salem and daughter and Mrs. Athoe are enjoying a motor trip to Maine.

SALISBURY — Earl Senior has returned to his duties at the First National store after being confined to his home with Tonsilitis.

FOR SALE — (Advertisement) 35 six-week-old pigs. $5.00 each. F.J. Schmaling. Taconic, Conn.

Turning Back The Pages 9-1

75 years ago — 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Someone has invented a sort of nose guard to prevent hay fever. Why couldn’t someone invent an ear muff that will filter out the nutty radio speeches.

SALISBURY — Dormer Cannon and a party of young friends enjoyed a masquerade dance at his home last Saturday evening.

TACONIC — Verton Thomen was home from the CCC camp at Madison, where he is stationed, to spend the weekend with his parents.