Turning Back the Pages

Turning Back the Pages - August 2

100 years ago — 1912

The Observer (editorial): Dear readers, please hold your nose. The New York police force are to be investigated.

LIME ROCK — Walter Boardman has returned from an auto trip to Buffalo.

SALISBURY — John Bartle of Falls Village was in town yesterday. John is now an enthusiastic automobilist and is having a heap of fun with his powerful touring car.

50 years ago — 1962

Turning Back the Pages - July 26

100 years ago — July 1912

LIME ROCK — Samuel W. Bradley, wife and grandchild motored to Great Barrington recently.

SALISBURY — D.T. Warner and family went this week to their camp on Mt. Riga, Lotus Lodge, for the season.

LIME ROCK — Quite an improvement is being made to the Loucks’ cottage; two east windows have been cut in the second story.

50 years ago — July 1962

FALLS VILLAGE — Mary Kay and Billy Beebe of Dublin Road were guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Beebe at their cottage at Indian Lake in Millerton, N.Y.

Turning Back the Pages - July 19

100 years ago — July 1912

LIME ROCK —Mrs. Barnum gave a picnic to some of the children at Rocky Dell camp last Thursday.

Little Myrtle White of Ore Hill is in the Sharon Hospital, as the result of injuries received by the exploding of a percussion cap used by miners. It seems the little girl found the cap which much have been dropped by a passing workman in the mine, and she tried to open it.

Turning Back the Pages - July 12

100 years ago — July 1912
SALISBURY — Reverend and Mrs. D.N. Kirkby gave a very pleasant tea at the Rectory last Wednesday, from four to six o’clock.

LIME ROCK — Eli Doyle has gone to the White Mountains to spend a few months. Eli says that is the place to cure hay fever.

C.W. Barnum is spending some time in town at present as the iron business is continually increasing and the car wheel shop will be in motion in the near future.

Turning Back the Pages - July 5, 2012

100 years ago — July 1912

SALISBURY — Mrs. C.F. Wanger, who sprained her ankle a number of weeks ago and was thought to be recovering, is again having trouble with it, and is confined to the house unable to step.

LAKEVILLE — Miss Hattie Woods, recently stenographer at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, has taken a position at the Wononsco House.

Lime Rock will enjoy a safe and sane 4th, as there will be no noise here this year. The merchants refuse to sell anything in the cracker line but “Uneedas.”

50 years ago — July 1962

Turning Back the Pages - June 28

100 years ago — June 1912
LAKEVILLE — The oil for the roads has now arrived and is being applied. The relief from the terrific dust will be very great.

The Observer (editorial): The queer weather since the first of the year is doubtless due to the fact that the country has to go through two presidential conventions. The weather has certainly been extreme one way or another and so have the conventions.

SHARON — J.J. Ryan has a new auto.

Turning Back the Pages - June 21

100 years ago — June 1912

The Harlem Division is preparing to build a new station at Millerton.

LAKEVILLE — Bert T. Chapman of the Journal force made a flying trip to New York last Sunday.

CHAPINVILLE — Louis Devantery who has been housed up for a few weeks is out on the job once more.

LIME ROCK — Miss Booth has returned to her home in Ansonia. She is not going to teach another year.

CHAPINVILLE — Pat Drake says we are sure to have a heavy hay crop this year. (Pat knows.)

50 years ago — June 1962

Turning Back the Pages - June 14

100 years ago — June 1912
LAKEVILLE — R.W. Dufour is having a new cement curb placed in front of his new store building.

Two autos in attempting to pass each other near the station at Ore Hill last Sunday, slid down the bank where the highway was and overturned. The occupants escaped by jumping. The machines were more or less damaged.

50 years ago — June 1962

Turning Back the Pages - May 31

100 years ago — May 1912

The house of Fred Schemerhorn, a snake-catcher of Weataug, and its contents were destroyed by fire about 2:30 Monday morning. Schemerhorn lived alone except for his pets, which included a number of snakes, principally of the black specie. The snakes were kept in the cellar and they are supposed to have perished in the fire. Schemerhorn saved only his wearing apparel.

The Observer (editorial): Swat the fly, before he becomes a great-grand-father.

Turning Back the Pages - May 24

100 years ago — May 1912

LIME ROCK — The sudden death of Mr. M.B. Richardson last Friday was a great shock to our community. Mr. Richardson had not been in the best of health but his death came very unexpectedly and follows within about a year that of his only brother. He is survived by a wife; two sons and one sister, all of whom have the sympathy of the entire community.

A.F. Roberts Co. are now operating their store at Twin Lakes.