Turning Back the Pages

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — June 1917

SALISBURY —An auto party consisting of Mr. Thomas King and three children, Mr. Williams and Mr. Bernier all of Waterbury, were guests one day recently at John Miller’s on the Under Mountain road.

Adv.: C.H. Osborn will dispose of all his household goods at the Carson house. Call either at the store or his house.

SALISBURY — Alonzo Rowe broke his arm recently while at work at the sewer bed.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1917

SALISBURY — Charles Weising has been suffering from Pleurisy, but is improving.


TACONIC — Wm. MacElroy of Bridgeport enlisted in the ambulance corps of the National Guard, and has been visiting his sister, Mrs. W. Robinson.


CANAAN — Miss Fannie Kasson is caring for Mrs. C.W. Camp, whose condition is improving.


Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — May 1917

SALISBURY — Laurene Travis recently underwent an operation for adenoids and tonsils at the House of Mercy, Pittsfield.

Interlaken Inn will open tomorrow for the season.

LAKEVILLE — Hennequin Bros. of Torrington are going to start wiring St. Mary’s Church for electric lights Monday.

LIME ROCK — The community has presented Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow with a Ford touring car.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — May 1917

There will be an illustrated lecture on Forestry in Connecticut by the State Forester, W.O. Filley at the Scoville Memorial Library, Friday evening at 8 o’clock. Admission 15 cents.

Everybody is busy hoeing, raking, spading and planting. The late spring has caused delay.

LIME ROCK — Grant and Hilen Eggleston were home over Sunday.

SALISBURY — Mr. Edward Williams had the misfortune to sprain his ankle while stepping out of a wagon.


Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — May 1917

SHARON — Miss Edna Kincaid visited her parents in Brooklyn recently.

A severe blast of wind last Saturday broke a section of one of the large elms in front of Edward Winckworth’s residence and nearly half the tree fell, demolishing quite a stretch of Mr. Winckworth’s iron fence and just missed the porch. A passerby who happened to be under the falling tree made a lively get-away and saved himself.

SHARON — The Woodmen of the World held an enjoyable card party on Wednesday evening.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1917

SALISBURY — Paul Parsons and girl friend of Hartford spent the weekend at George Parsons’.

LAKEVILLE — An advance in price of two cents per loaf of bakers’ bread has gone into effect. The price is now 12 cents per loaf. Housewives should do their own bread making as it would be more economical.

Turning back the pages 2-2-17

100 years ago — 1917

Richard Ramsey died at Litchfield Jan. 13. The deceased was formerly of Lakeville, being employed at one time as farmer by the late Dr. Knight and also conducted the town farm for several years. Mr. Ramsey was a brother of Mrs. Hardin Duncan and was 73 years of age. The cause of his death was appendicitis.


SALISBURY — Little Calvin Senior has been quite seriously ill the past week.


Turning back the pages 1-5-17

100 years ago — January 1917

SALISBURY — George H. Clark has been on the sick list with the grippe the past week.


TACONIC — Mr. Graham is slowly recovering the use of his arm and is much improved in health. He has purchased a new pair of horses and the hope of the community is that he will soon be able to fully attend to his duties.


Turning back the pages 11-24-16

100 years ago — November 1916

SALISBURY — Mrs. H.F. Landon, who has been sick for several weeks, is able to be around again.


LIME ROCK — Mr. and Mrs. James Winterbottom entertained their niece from Danbury last week.


CANAAN — Mrs. William F. Davis has resigned as agent for the Grand Union Tea Co. Mason Noble from Falls Village has taken the route.


Turning back the pages 11-10-16

100 years ago — November 1916

SALISBURY — Mrs. Malcolm Spurr and daughter Helena have returned from a visit in Hartford.


SALISBURY — The Salisbury Cutlery Company have purchased the house of the Hannah Lindley estate. Frank Knickerbocker has moved into it.


TACONIC — Mr. Fields is slightly indisposed  at this writing.