The Millerton News Editorial

The 20th is May Day

Memorial Day, the official start of the summer season, is just around the corner. But folks right here in the Harlem Valley aren’t waiting for the calendar  to hit May 29 to get the season kicked off in a big way. Saturday, May 20, in fact, is so chock-full of activity that it makes one’s head spin.

So many reasons why …

Being a teenager isn’t easy. The body and mind are changing. Social stratification is linked to self worth. Responsibilities grow. Pressure builds. It is, in sum, a period of great stress.

A healthy mind might successfully grapple with such challenges. It can be difficult, but doable.

An unwell mind, one struggling with mental illness, cannot deal with stressors so easily. Life can be dampened by depression, anxiety, psychosis. When things are really dire, teens might turn to suicide as a way out.

LAPping it up …

LAP. It stands for Local Action Project, something that’s being promoted by the teachers’ association of the North East (Webutuck) Central School District. 

With a recommendation from Webutuck Teachers’ Association (WTA) leader Rebecca Garrard, LAP is a way for the district to better connect with the community it serves. This goes beyond engaging with taxpayers during budget time, or contractual talks, it’s applicable throughout the academic year — in ways big and small.

How sharing our past can help our future

Everyone has a past, a history. It’s part of what makes us who we are. 

Sharing stories about our history can be cathartic. It can also help unite people and bridge the gap often created through lack of communication and understanding.

Enter the Open Communities Project’s How We Got Here — Our Stories of Migration. It’s a locally driven project meant to break down the barriers among all U.S. citizens — almost all of whom have stories of migration — especially those living right here in the Harlem Valley.

Earth Day perfect time to talk about recycling

We all have something in common: We all live on this  ever-shrinking place called Earth. As global citizens, in an effort to keep the planet strong and resilient, we must do our part to protect and preserve it.

Recycle. It’s a really easy place to start. 

These days, waste management companies provide containers for recyclables. Never has separating out plastics, glass, newspaper and cardboard been easier to do at home, in the office or on the go. 

Considering the state of the county

Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro is a people person. He’s got great communication skills, and he knows how to network. He also knows how to promote the county and all of its causes. That’s key, as Molinaro has recently been on a town forum tour, visiting different municipalities to talk about the 2017 state of the county.

School boards need you

Our school districts are run by our boards of education (BOE). With elected members manning these boards, they offer local control of local educational issues. 

For one, school boards budget and have taxing authority. They plan with education first and foremost in their sights. As the National School Board Association put it, “education is not a line item in your school board’s budget — it is the only item.”

Schools focus on more than just classroom lessons

School activities are so important in a child’s development. From pre-k through senior year, students rely on what their school districts offer to learn, grow and develop. Thankfully, our districts here in the Harlem Valley do their best to make sure that children have a fulfilling academic experience, with a focus on providing many extracurricular opportunities.

Still chasing gender equality

Never has celebrating Women’s History Month seemed more appropriate than it does right now, mid-March, with all that’s going on locally and across the nation.

Firstly, we’re pleased to point out, the Millerton village elections boasted a full and exclusive slate of female candidates — the first time anyone can remember that being the case.

Millerton, it’s time to vote

Elections are just around the corner in the village of Millerton. Polls are open from noon till 9 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21, at the Village Nutrition Center adjacent to Village Hall.

It’s an important day in the lives of all Millerton residents. Up for election are two village trustee seats, with three candidates running (though four were nominated in the Republican and Democratic caucuses) and the mayoral seat, with one candidate running who was cross-endorsed by both parties.