The Millerton News Editorial

New approach needed to community journalism

In June this year, it became clear that the initiatives taken to help bring The Lakeville Journal Company to a more viable sustainability, that is break even rather than losing money, were not working well enough. Over the past couple of decades, we whittled down every department, sold our printing presses and began printing elsewhere, sold our too-large building and regrouped in a new location. 

Grateful for response to membership campaign

In the short time since The Lakeville Journal and Millerton News published an invitation to readers to join a membership structure that will help take our publications forward into the future, we have been encouraged by the immediate and supportive response. 

We thank all who have chosen to contribute to the membership model. And we thank all of you who continue to read The Lakeville Journal, The Millerton News, Compass and all the publications that are created by our writers and staff over the course of the year.

The history and the significance of Veterans Day

Veterans are a special breed. They served their country in times of peace and in times of war, all with an eye toward making sure the world would remain a safe place. This week, as we commemorate Veterans Day, it’s important we thank those who served in the Armed Forces so honorably — veterans still alive to hear our thanks and witness our appreciation.

Local journalism fills a community need

Local newspapers serve a very important role in their communities: They not only deliver the news of the day, they act as the gatekeepers of information important to the public. They also share the hopes and the dreams of their readers, so that communities can connect, come together and find common ground.

Voting is vital; signs should be taken down after election

Readers are probably well aware that this newspaper strongly supports the democratic process — and all that it encompasses.  At this time of year, as Election Day draws near, we feel it our responsibility to urge residents of the Harlem Valley to take part in the political process and head to the polls. 

County gets smart about the climate

Kudos to Dutchess County for setting the gold standard for all municipalities to follow. How? The county has become, under the leadership of County Executive Marcus Molinaro, a New York State Certified Climate Smart Community, reaching the bronze level of certification from the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). In today’s climate-challenged world, such a designation means something. It’s a way to help us work toward a world in which we don’t see rapidly rising oceans or out-of-control wildfires, climbing global temperatures or a melting Arctic.

Celebrating community

Communities are often a reflection of the people who live in them. Some are closed and forbidding. Others, however, like those in the Harlem Valley, are open and welcoming. They are the reason why so many people move into the area — to live in a place with a real sense of community — and to enjoy all of the benefits of doing so.

Remember to register to vote or remain silent

We’ve written about it before, and we’ll write about it again: the importance of voting. It’s a critical component of our democracy, and come Tuesday, Sept. 24, would-be voters can register during National Voter Registration Day.

It’s actually a holiday endorsed  by the National Association of Secretaries of State, supported by the National Association of State Election Directors, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the National Association of Election Officials. It’s not a partisan day. 

9/11: Looking back and looking ahead

This week, the nation commemorated the devastating Sept. 11 attacks that took the lives of 2,997 people, injured more than 6,000 others and decimated the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.