The Lakeville Journal Editorial

LRP negotiations: Time for a new direction

What could encourage those who oppose Sunday racing at Lime Rock Park to consider a compromise position? If not the 47-page decision that came down last week from the Litchfield Superior Court, written by Judge John D. Moore, then it’s pretty clear that the answer to that question is “nothing.”

Open, closed, open, closed, open ...

This is how it’s gone for Route 7 south of Kent since the ice jam first formed in the Housatonic River there on Jan. 13. And while Kent residents and town officials are accustomed to the river’s both freezing (after all, they do have the ice watch there every year) and flooding, the current situation has been extreme and surely frustrating for all affected by this ice jam.

Winsted needs to fund school building upkeep

While we live in the 21st century and have an abundance of advanced technology, scientists still have not invented a way for buildings to completely take care of themselves. Maintenance and upkeep are two basic (yet sometimes complicated) things any home or commercial building owner has to do in order to make sure a structure doesn’t fall apart.  And to take care of any building, you need to invest in it, whether by purchasing a roll of duct tape from the local hardware store or investing in expensive building contractors.

Safer town crossing needed in Salisbury

There are many ways the small towns in the Northwest Corner charm us, and it can be a challenge to try to initiate any change at all when a place’s unique New England sensibility may be at risk. So the streets tend to be narrow, relatively unlit and minimally marked by signage, in keeping with the rural quality we cherish.

Time to develop an appreciation for our town centers

As winter and the new year settle in, and the afterglow of the holiday season has become a distant memory, it’s a very good time to look close to home for some respite during the cold months ahead. In the Northwest Corner, and in our bordering states, there are town centers that are vibrant and have grown and changed over the past year. Take the time now to visit them and connect with your neighbors all around the region.

Searching for balance amid all the chaos

This has been a year of extremes.  Perhaps its seeming that way is partly due to the mercurial behavior at the top of our nation’s government by President Donald J. Trump. It could be it actually is our president’s chaotic approach to leadership that makes events and cultural trends seem more extreme compared to other times. 

Compromise, wasted money, in Winsted health center settlement

After an almost eight-month court battle, the Winsted Planning and Zoning Commission approved a settlement with the Community Health and Wellness Center of Greater Torrington (CHWC) at its meeting on Nov. 27. (See story by Shaw Israel Izikson, The Lakeville Journal, Dec. 7.)

The legal saga started in March when CHWC, which is currently located in the Winsted Health Center building at 115 Spencer St., filed a special permit for the center to move to Winsted Super Saver IGA’s former space at 372 Main St.

Collections are an important museum asset

Small community museums exist in a tentative world, their collection expansions inhibited by strong competition, their display innovations curbed by lack of funding, their visitation challenged increasingly by digital distractions.

The Holley-Williams House in Lakeville — which inexplicably on Yelp and a dozen other internet travel sources is listed as alive and open to the public — was decommissioned and sold in 2010 as the Salisbury Association struggled to staff and maintain the facility.