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I remember when I met the president …

On July 18, 1994, I attended a baseball game at then Jacobs Field, home of the Cleveland Indians. Considered one of the most handicapped accessible at the time, the newly constructed stadium had opened three months earlier and just shy of four years after the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. I had traveled to Ohio with my stepfather and was eager to experience the wheelchair friendly ballpark.

Let’s deep-six Trump’s wall

An extremely hostile gesture toward Hispanic people on both sides of the border, President Trump’s proposed border wall is also an ineffective way of reducing unwanted migrants and goods from entering our country and a colossal waste of money. Even though the scope of the project has been scaled back, cost estimates keep increasing and Trump’s own estimates have grown from less than $10 billion dollars to a current budget demand of $25 billion; and this would only be an initial down payment.

China’s tormented Uyghurs: A backward glance

More than eight centuries have passed since Kubilay Khan approved of a response to a proposal by France’s king, Philip IV, that Christians and Mongols should join forces to drive the Muslims out of Palestine and defeat their forces in Egypt. The letter began: “We agree to your proposition,” and it went on to declare: “If, by the authority of heaven, We conquer these people, We shall give you Jerusalem.” 

Giving thanks for renewed life in a neglected garden

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t spend much time outdoors this past summer. It seems that either it was raining — movie rains, coming down in voluptuous sheets, obscuring windows and flooding driveways; or, it was so hot that I was reluctant to leave my air-conditioned living room. To be honest, the outdoors has never held a great attraction for me. Hiking and biking are not my thing. Wining and dining is more like it.  

Jim Buckley of Sharon: Our loss is Maryland’s gain

Jim Buckley was born in New York City, but when he was 3 months old, he was tucked into a bassinette and moved to Sharon. This week, 95 years later, he’s leaving.

In that four score and 10 years, Buckley has had a distinguished career — a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the D.C. Circuit (which ranks in judicial importance an eyelash below the U.S. Supreme Court), a U.S. Senator (the sole Conservative party candidate to be elected to a post at that level), Under Secretary of State and president of Radio Free Europe.

A NW Corner baseball season to remember

October traditionally heralds in baseball’s Major League World Series, the “Fall Classic.” August ushers in an annual “Summer Classic” of its own, the Connecticut American Legion State Baseball Tournament. Fifty years ago in 1968, the Sharon team of Legion Post 126 played in that tournament.

The wider picture: What about Russia?

In 2016, more than a million Middle Eastern refugees went to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey and another million migrated to the European Union, half of them to Germany. While the annual number of refugees arriving the past two years has declined,  Europe is still choked with more newcomers than it can manage resulting in ominous social and political disruption. 

Cricket Valley Energy begs a deeper Connecticut dive

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“Think globally, act locally.”


Look close at Cricket Valley Energy

“Think globally, act locally.”