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Wild and Scenic and a tale of two rivers

Routine shift turns into a surreal moment

Small town EMS

It’s always been a pleasure and an honor to serve my hometown of North Canaan as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. Some calls are simple transports, and some are quite harrowing. My evening shift one evening last week was supposed to be another routine shift. Little did I know what an impact this next call would have on me. I wanted to share this story.

Yes: Wild & Scenic for the Housatonic River

The members of the Housatonic River Commission unanimously recommend Wild & Scenic Designation for the upper reaches of Connecticut’s Housatonic River to further protect the river as an invaluable natural resource. The commission thoroughly studied and inquired about the pros and cons of this Wild & Scenic Designation and has concluded that there are only upside benefits to wildlife and residents of the seven towns along this stretch of the Housatonic River, no downside. 

The role of media should be fostering civility and trust in the town of Salisbury

Our community is blessed to be governed by democratic debate among its citizens. We forfeit that blessing unless our community can restore civility and trust to our public discourse. It is not easy to restore trust. Like a mosquito in a stagnant pool, lost trust breeds suspicion. If we fail, our town will become a stagnant pool, home to civic disease and disturbed by whispers from the slightest breeze.

A word from the pastor

President Barack Obama made some odd comments at the National Prayer Breakfast held on Thursday, Feb. 5. Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the majority of government and military opinions have accurately described various terrorist organizations by their dominant defining features as radical Islamic terrorists. In a misguided attempt to defend “ordinary” Muslims, President Obama has taken a course of action to remove any reference to these groups being Muslim or Islamic.

One board member’s thoughts on Region One shared services

I would like to share my personal perspective as board chair for the Salisbury Board of Education and thus a member of the All Boards Chairs (ABC) committee as to why the Region One Board of Education (R1) and the ABC are working on evaluating our current governance policy, the 7000 Series and how each school district employs a superintendent.

African Americans serving in the military

Part 2 of 2


A former board chair’s thoughts on Region One BOE issues

With all the focus on the Region One board, the ABC committee and a new hiring agreement, I thought I might weigh in as a former K-8 chair and Region One chair.

The long history of African Americans serving in the U.S. military

Part 1 of 2

During this Black History month, it is appropriate that tribute be paid to the many African-American soldiers who in past wars served their country and suffered not only the hardship of wartime service but also the prejudice of many of its citizens and military leaders.