Today is another hot and humid day in a summer that has seen many of them. Despite recent rains, the rivers remain low and the sun is bright and my garden still thirsts for rain. Some folks like it hot and muggy but I am not one of them. Today is the kind of day I wish I were at the beach, rather than in a room without air conditioning.

Actually, my garden is doing well this summer because I have carefully weeded and watered it and all that warm sunshine is making my vegetables grow with vigor. The dry weather also means there is less powdery mildew on the leaves of the wild...

The Millerton News Opinion/Viewpoint

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 2-21-19

Thanks for a warm welcome

As I write this, I have completed my third full week as library director at the Millbrook Library. 

While I still have a lot to learn, one thing is clear: Millbrook is a vibrant, active and engaged community. I am thrilled that I get to be a part of it.

Most especially, I am looking forward to getting to know all of you. When next you are in the library, please stop by to introduce yourself.

Lessons learned in how to cover demagogues, from one era to another

I’ve been professionally involved in the news — reporting, editing, opining — since the June day in 1955 when I went to work for The Intelligencer, the morning paper in Wheeling, West Virginia.

That first newspaper is in the history books today because it assigned a reporter to cover the annual meeting of the Ohio County Women’s Republican Club on a February evening in 1950. The speaker, an obscure junior senator from Wisconsin, informed the women that he had in his hand the names of 205 communists currently employed by the U.S. Department of State.

Teachers — underpaid or undervalued?

Teachers’ pay issues are sweeping the nation. And if you think they are not coming to a state, city or town near you, think again. A large part of the problem here is not money. Yes, money is the negotiating platform on both sides (how else do we Americans value anything these days), but the issue is a fundamental one that we have all overlooked.

Teaching is now a full-time job. It wasn’t until the last four decades.


Reflecting on violence and mental illness

Feb. 14, 2018. It was one year ago, and it was a very deadly day. Last Valentine’s Day was when accused shooter Nikolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., and fired at students and faculty alike. He wound up killing 17 and destroying many more lives.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 2-14-19

Hello Friends of NECC

I am honored and excited to be a part of NECC and a new resident of Millerton. Joining the team here at the North East Community Center was the most uplifting way to start the New Year.   

My entire life has been about service, community and leadership. I believe strongly in community and creating opportunities, training, support and most of all hope and joy. I believe in compassion and by showing kindness you can bring out the best in people.

Memory overload and obliteration

Modern humans, especially, are being forced to plot their own demise. We all talk about overload — overload at work — overload of media—overload of opinion — overload of social media — the list seems endless. The truth is, all these pressures are self-inflicted.

Recycling beverage containers

‘Pepsi Cola hits the spot, 12 full ounces that’s a lot, twice as much for a nickel too, Pepsi Cola is the drink for you.’


This little jingle from the1930s sounds quaint today. As recently as the 1950s, Pepsi, Coke and other carbonated soft drinks typically sold in grocery stores and coin-operated vending machines for just 5 cents; if you returned the bottle, and most people did, you would get 2 cents back, meaning your drink itself cost only 3 cents! 


Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 2-7-19

Way to go

I applaud the decision of our new member of Congress, Rep. Antonio Delgado (D NY-19) to convene a meeting with local constituents. I wish him well. 

I also wish to contest his quote that “we weren’t founded on principles — we were founded on aspirations.”