I’m wearing my Québec baseball cap as this Saturday, July 1, is Canada’s 150th birthday as an independent nation and that achievement deserves notice.

I shouldn’t have to explain the importance of Canada to the United States and to the world. It’s the Canadian Niagara Falls that everyone oohs at. It’s the Canadians who were a solid force at Vimy Ridge during World War I. It’s from Newfoundland that Cyrus Field sent the first trans-Atlantic cable message. It’s Canada that showed us the snowmobile, the artificial heart and women jet-...

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Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 5-24-18

I am not usually a royalist

Hey, I’m a fifth-generation American, but since I was up around 4:30 a.m., I tuned into a few minutes of the wedding.  Went back to bed and returned at 6:30 to watch the proceedings.

Even though I am a Caucasian Elderly Senior (I think that’s my politically correct designation), I became Meghan Markle’s sweet looking black mother, when I first glimpsed my daughter, diamond tiara in place, and shed a tear at how lovely she was on this day when she was to become the Duchess of Sussex.

Shifting population scary prospect

The immigration issue is complex, much more complex than simply calculating how many people have visas, those that do not, and those that want to travel over borders worldwide. 

Shop local, think global

Around the Harlem Valley, residents are preparing for summer. With that comes the fun, fresh experience almost all of us enjoy — shopping at our local farmers markets. Long a testament to the outdoor, open-air lifestyle so many in the region expound, farmers markets are a quintessential component of country living.

At the root of the farmers market experience — fresh produce, home-baked breads and other handmade goods — is one basic premise: eat local. 

The look

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 4-26-18

There should have been a festival

I have a saying that I live by: “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side and then the truth.” 

After reading your coverage of the cancellation of Spring for Sound it was not clear to me that you provided all sides of the story. 

The problem with morality

People use the words “tribalism” and “opposite sides” to describe American moral ethos these days and I feel they are labeling to outcome, not the cause. If we do not understand the cause, the core reasons for people’s decisions, for their seemingly intractable immoral positions, then they will never have any reason for listening, for reevaluating their position in the coming years. Whole civilizations have faltered in these divisive circumstances before.

Teachers should be evaluated for flexibility

A student is about more than a test score. 

That’s the philosophy behind the many teachers and union representatives who went to Albany in support of a new bill to change the state’s reliance on test scores for teacher evaluations. 

A press conference organized by the state teachers’ union, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), was held on Tuesday, May 8. Local representatives attended, including three from the North East (Webutuck) Central School District. Webutuck Teachers’ Union President Rebecca Garrard was among them.

A recent ICE arrest in Amenia

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