In this new column, we will explore the ways that hobbies (especially ones that connect the head and the hands) can offer serenity and a healthy sense of accomplishment. Our first featured pair of hands belongs to The Lakeville Journal’s own Patrick L. Sullivan, who not only covers town events but also writes our popular fly-fishing column, Tangled Lines.

For Patrick, fishing is a source of solace and a respite from the stresses of his job. It’s an activity that’s almost completely silent, except for the sound of the water and the light whizz of his fishing line....

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Wich Hunt

Your car: what might save you ... or what might not

Our daily driving should be carefree. For most of us it is, most of the time. The occasional — no, frequent — mishaps that happen “all of a sudden” are operational mistakes of “only a moment in time.”

Nation’s most unpopular governors: Malloy, Christie, Brownback

During Dannel Malloy’s first term, when he was popular enough to run for and win a second and his neighboring governors to the south, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo of New York, were also riding high, this column jokingly referred to him as “the Tri-state area’s third most popular governor.”

Harvesting vs. use of aquatic herbicides for weed control in Connecticut lakes

According to sources in the Hartford Courant and Republican-American newspapers, a number of Connecticut towns, including Winsted and Winchester, have turned to increased use of aquatic herbicides to control milfoil and other nuisance waterweeds in Connecticut ponds, lakes and even reservoirs for public water supply.

Living with the shades of truth and deceit

The July 4th issue of The Lakeville Journal appropriately contained several op-eds on the need for truth in a democracy, and made me think about how truth — or its lack — has influenced my personal life. 

As the articles argued, a democracy cannot function when its citizens have to make decisions on the basis of fake news and lies — or, more likely, give up trying to participate in their government. 

Plastic waste put to good use

Dear EarthTalk: What are some ways companies are using plastic waste from the ocean in their products to take a stand for the environment?

Simone LaTourneau



Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 7-27-17

North Canaan is a great place to live       

In contrast to Mike Parmalee’s July 20 letter to the editor, the North Canaan Economic Development Committee and its sub-committees are doing what he suggests needs doing. The “rose colored sunglasses” referred to are doing exactly what they are intended to do, and that is make Canaan attractive in as many ways as possible. The process takes time and those serving remain positive as improvements gradually take place.  

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1917

SALISBURY — George Barton had the misfortune to sprain his ankle Tuesday evening.

LIME ROCK — It was a great surprise to the community on Sunday when Mr. Bigelow announced that he had received a call elsewhere. The community hopes that Mr. Bigelow will not accept the call.

SALISBURY — William Ostrander, William Lamson and Roy Ostrander of Company M have been recalled and have gone to New Haven.

New transfer station should be built

It happens every single time. There is a long-term municipal project, one that has gone through all the regulatory and practical hoops in public for years, and as it comes to the time of approved construction, a group comes out in opposition with renewed energy.

Black Lung